Who is CISA?

Who is CISA?

Hear about what we do from local farmers and people we work with every day!

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Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA) strengthens farms and engages the community to build the local food economy.

CISA has been working for over 30 years to build a stronger, more resilient, and more just local food system. We envision a local food system where farms are viable, working conditions are fair and just for owners and workers, the environment is respected, and locally grown food is available for all.

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Valley Bounty: Gwydyr Farm

Every piece of farmland has its strengths and weaknesses. Often, the most successful farmers are those that learn to see their land’s potential clearly and build a business around it.   ... more
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NEPM: Great Falls Aquaculture

This week, Jacob takes Monte and Kaliis to visit Great Falls Aquaculture and the 180,000 barramundi raised there. They talk with general manager Spencer Gowan and hatchery manager Walker Wright-Moore ... more
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NEPM: D & R Farm

. Diane and Robert Rollins of D & R Farm in Hampden join the crew to talk about the love they put into farming AND all the ways they make ... more
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Valley Bounty: Fruit Fair Brings Relief to Food Desert in Chicopee

March 30, 2024    Posted in: CISA News, CISA's Valley Bounty Column, Press Room
Samaita (Sam) Newell is a first-generation immigrant from India. She met Jared Newell as a student in the five-college area. Following graduation and getting married, the young couple dreamed of ... more
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Valley Bounty: Real Pickles

“Real Pickles is a worker-owned co-op making pickles and ferments with produce that’s all organic and regionally grown,” Hunter explains. “A big part of our mission is supporting the regional ... more
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Valley Bounty: Holyoke Farmers' Market - and Field Notes!

Published March 2, 2024 in the Daily Hampshire Gazette Building community, year-round: Holyoke Farmers Market is a source of positivity and local fare By Jacob Nelson “When I was a ... more
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NEPM: Diemand Farm - and Field Notes!

. Tessa White Diemand of Diemand Farm in Wendell stops by to talk about her family’s farm, her personal journey with farming, and telling a story at CISA’s live storytelling ... more
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Valley Bounty: River Valley Co-op

In just 15 years, River Valley Co-op has grown into an indispensable part of the local food economy. For local farms, food businesses and community members who want easy access ... more
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NEPM: Rivershed Farm

. It’s CSA sign up time! Local farms around the region are gearing up for the growing season, and the more people sign up now for CSA farm shares, the ... more
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Valley Bounty: CSAs are the Community Behind the Food

Though more weeks of winter lie ahead, National Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) week — Feb. 19-25 — marks the symbolic start of the CSA cycle, when member sign-ups start rolling ... more
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Featured Local Hero Profile

Be a Local Hero

Local Hero Profile: Bloom Woolen Yarns

October 18, 2023    Posted in: Specialty Producer Profiles, Local Hero Profiles
Local Hero Profile by Julia Mazzuchi, Local Hero Program Assistant  The buy local movement in the Valley not only encompasses... more
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