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Spring is a busy time on farms and in the CISA office, so we're keeping this edition of the enews short. We are sure that you, like us, are thinking about spring and summer, especially after the recent warm spell. As you plan your summer gardens, remember to think of local farms, garden centers, landscapers and garden designers for everything from compost to vegetable and flower starts to design services. Our on-line Farm Products Guide is a great way to find these products and services. Don't forget about CSA shares and farm-based summer camps, too!


The CISA Staff

PVGrows Finance Infrastructure
Pioneer Valley Grows is offering new loan options and creative financing opportunities for enterprises that help bring more local food to markets and address food system infrastructure gaps in the Pioneer Valley.

Growing Local Hero Successes: Austin Brothers Valley Farm
Transitions can be tricky, particularly when you have 130 years of a family business hanging in the balance. Doubly so when that business is dairy farming. Read more...
Nominate Your Favorite Agricultural Destination
The Commonwealth is looking for your input on selecting the 1,000 most truly special places in Massachusetts. Nominate your favorite destination farm and help recognize the beauty and diversity of our agricultural heritage.
Find out about workshops, farm festivals, film screenings, farm summer camps and other local farm-related events on the Events and Education page of our web site. Be sure to bookmark the page and check it often as we regularly update the page throughout the month.
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