Tell your story at Field Notes! 

CISA is hosting an oral storytelling event, Field Notes, on November 18th, and we are seeking story submissions focused on local food and farming. Whether you're a farmer, farm worker, enthusiastic home chef, restaurateur, or anyone else with a hand in the local food system (PS: that includes all of us!) we want to hear your story. Pitches are due by April 27th.

HIP action alert 

Due to high demand for local produce by SNAP recipients, the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) is scheduled for suspension on April 15th. Your help is needed today to ensure that the state budget will provide supplementary funding to limit the program's suspension and fully fund the program through Fiscal Year 2019.

Connect with the HIP Pioneer Valley Facebook page for funding updates and info on using HIP.

Hunger, health, and local farmers

"Massachusetts now has a choice to make. We can either accept the loss of a program that has had an immediate, positive impact on hunger, the viability of farms, and the local economy. Or, we can step up and help families in need of nutritious food continue to purchase healthy produce directly from local farmers."

Read more about the importance of HIP in this opinion piece written by staff of CISA and The Food Bank of Western Mass.

CISA's new strategic plan 

As we celebrate 25 years of CISA's history, we're also looking ahead to new challenges and opportunities. We're thrilled to unveil CISA's new strategic plan, which will guide our work over the next several years. Questions or thoughts? Contact Phil Korman at 413-665-7100!

View the plan here.

Get to know your Local Heroes!

Local Hero profile: The Old Creamery
"When you are supporting locally grown products and crafts, you have a connection to somebody and to a place," says Seva Tower, a member and supporter of the Old Creamery Coop in Cummington. The Creamery has been a hub of local food in the hilltowns for the last 152 years. "For me, and a lot of people around here, that really binds us together as a community." 

Read the full profile here.

Baaaaaaack up the organization that backs up local farms

We aren't too sheepish to say: we need you! In honor of CISA's 25th anniversary, we have a bold goal of raising $250,000. We support local farms with workshops, business education, expansion of local food access, and of course our Be a Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown® campaign. You can help us help local farms by making a donation today or on May 1, Valley Gives day!

News from the field 

Visit CISA's press room for news about local food and farms, CISA's weekly Local Hero Spotlight with WRSI, and more! A couple recent highlights:

CISA marks 25 years of putting local first
The Recorder, March 9, 2018, by Richie Davis
"People were drifting away from farming ... They [CISA] helped bring farming back in fashion and were instrumental in highlighting the importance of agriculture in our area. With that, farming became a cool thing to do." --Mike Wisseman of Warner Farm, in this sweet article about CISA's anniversary year.
Mass Appeal: Community Supported Agriculture
CISA staffer Claire Morenon went on Mass Appeal on WWLP to talk about all the benefits of CSA farms, and to share a simple, adaptable kale salad recipe. 
Watch the segment.
Find your CSA farm!

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