Bistro Les Gras, Northampton
Elizabeth Solaka photo
August + local restaurants = YES!

The chefs at Local Hero restaurants look forward to this time of year as much as the rest of us do, and they are having fun in the kitchen this month! Take a break from cooking in this heat and enjoy the best of the season at a Local Hero restaurant.

Local Hero profile: Crooked Stick Pops

Photo courtesy of Crooked Stick Pops
We've certainly been having frozen-treat weather lately, and fortunately for us, we can keep it cool and local at Crooked Stick Pops. "I care about what I eat, I care about what other people eat. I want us to eat good things," says owner Julie Tuman, as she whips up a batch of her local fruit-based pops.

Local Hero profile: Belly of the Beast

Photo courtesy of Belly of the Beast
Restauranteurs Aimee Francaes and Jesse Hassinger have filled the menu at Belly of the Beast with fresh ingredients from local farms, many of which they visit themselves. "It allows us to really stand behind everything that we serve to people," they say proudly, dishing out food they describe as "Southern trailways meeting up with the classic Asian flavors."

Special event: Homeland Hearth

August 29th, 5:15pm and 7:45pm
Belly of the Beast, Northampton

What is a homeland? 

Join chefs Neftali Duran (I-Collective), Jesse Hassinger (Belly of the Beast), and Alex Kemper (Little TrĂșc) for this special event where they answer this question through the food of their respective literal and chosen homelands. Each chef will take a course focusing on their interpretation of what homeland means to them; plus the three will collaborate on at least one dish that will be a delicious melting pot of flavors.

Tickets available now for CISA's fall harvest celebration

September 20th, 6-9pm
Valley View Farm, Haydenville

Join us for a local harvest celebration & live auction to benefit CISA! We will celebrate the diversity and bounty of local food with a wide variety of small plates and featured dishes made almost entirely with ingredients from Local Hero farms, catered by Smith Dining Services and Wheelhouse.

It's harvest season!

Atlas Farm, South Deerfield
We're really in the swing of things now: tomatoes, corn, melons, and peaches are all in season ... and of course there's plenty of local meat for grilling, local honey and maple to sweeten your treats, and so much more. 

Find everything local with CISA's online local food and farm guide.

Get seasonal inspiration from CISA's weekly Valley Bounty column in the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

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CISA's open letter about agriculture to candidates

"If you are elected, we hope you embrace farms as the heart of the Valley's culture and community ... state policy has a major impact on local farms and helps to ensure that food grown here is available to everyone in the community. If you do get elected, you won't be alone in this vital work. There is tremendous community enthusiasm for local farms in our region."

Farmers' market regular or not, we want your thoughts!

CISA is working with regional partners to gather thoughts directly from shoppers about how and why you choose to shop for local food. Please give a few minutes to fill out this survey, and share it with friends!

Candidate Forum Series: Food Justice and Health Equity

August 14th: Hampshire-Franklin-Worcester Senate
August 20th: 3rd Hampshire District
August 22nd: 2nd Hampshire District
August 29th: Hampden Senate Candidates Forum

Join the candidates for state legislative seats for a series of open discussions on our region's food insecurity and its underlying causes.This is your opportunity to ask questions of the candidates and learn how they intend to ensure everyone has access to healthy food. CISA is proud to support these forums coordinated by The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

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