Winter is coming, and local food still abounds!
What's in season

These days, you'll find plenty of local squash, sweet potatoes, fresh greens, and root veggies, plus local meat, dairy, sweeteners, and more. We're keeping track of farm stands, farmers' markets, restaurants, and everyone else that is open now, and you can filter the list to find home delivery and curbside pickup options too.

Farmers' market updates

Many summer farmers' markets are still running (heads up, Springfield: the Farmers' Market at Forest Park is extended to run on Tuesdays throughout November!).

Winter markets are opening:

It's not too late for a local turkey!

We know Thanksgiving is going to look very different this year -- perhaps you're gathering with just your immediate family, or just your little pod. Either way, make it a special day of thanks and celebration with a local turkey. Time is running short, so don't miss out!

Local farms need you: donate today
When the national food system failed you, who came through? Who continued, through the most terrifying and chaotic times of the pandemic, to do the essential work to get food on to your family's’ table? Simple answer: local farms. Now is the time for you to be there for them. Show your commitment to the local farms who sustain you by buying from them and by supporting CISA's work.

Local Hero profile: Whitney Acres Farm
Faye Whitney is the fifth generation to live on her family farm, Whitney Acres, on Ashfield’s Main Street, but she has not done things exactly like the generations before her. Faye grew up with cows, but when she began farming herself, she went in a different direction—“With cows, you can’t go anywhere,” she says. So she started looking into sheep. Upon her first visit to a farm with Shetland sheep, she was charmed by “strategically placed” lambs. Now, 30 years later, Faye is the Executive Secretary of the North American Shetland Sheep Association.

Behind the scenes at local farms
CISA's weekly Valley Bounty column in the Daily Hampshire Gazette focuses on what's happening behind the scenes at local farms. Recent columns include: a favorite Brussels sprout recipe from Riverland farm, and fall reports from Bascom Hollow Farm and E. Cecchi Farms. Read Valley Bounty!

WRSI's Local Hero Spotlight interviews feature a local farm or business each week. Recent interviews include: local turkeys at D & R Farms and so much happening at River Valley Co-op. Listen to WRSI's Local Hero Spotlight!
Announcing CISA's 2021 Winter Workshops
Attention, farmers! This winter, CISA is offering three unique programs that provide the opportunity to work in-depth on your business alongside your peers via group sessions and one-on-one mentorships. All activities will be held remotely. The courses are:

  1. Making Sound Decisions with Good Data and Practical Framework
  2. Financial Benchmarks for Vegetable Farmers
  3. Livestock Producers: Profitable Meat Pricing Program

Meet our sponsors!
We'd like to thank some of the sponsors that make CISA's work possible.

PeoplesBank is the largest mutual bank headquartered in western Massachusetts, with 22 locations open throughout Hampshire and Hampden County. “Our local farms are one of the great bedrocks in the region, in terms of economic growth,” says Matthew Bannister. “Our support of CISA allows us to help small business owners, the regional economy, and the environment, all at once.”

Greenfield Cooperative Bank

Last year, Greenfield Cooperative Bank gave $250,000 away to over 200 different agencies and organizations, including CISA. “That’s our dividend to the community, if you will, since we don’t have stockholders,” says Michael Tucker. “We are proud to support organizations like CISA that benefit our communities and help to keep them healthy."

Welcome Dan Burke Perez and Jacob Nelson!
We're delighted to welcome two new staffers to CISA's team!

Dan Burke Perez, Local Hero Program Assistant
Dan is a member of the Local Hero Team, where he helps connect Local Hero Members to resources and workshops, as well as provides support for Technical Assistance programs.
Jacob Nelson, Communications Coordinator
Jacob joined CISA's communications team to oversee social media, Field Notes, and other outreach. 
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