internClaireCISA welcomes interns to work and learn with us. Most of our internships are unpaid, but if you are a student we will work with your school to help you get credit, participate in a school-funded internship program, or earn work-study hours.

Open Internship opportunities

CISA is accepting intern applications for summer 2017.

If you are interested in applying for a summer internship, please send your resume and a cover letter to Jennifer Williams, Office Manager.

Program Interns

Qualifications: Skilled in conducting research, interest in local agriculture and food, comfortable talking on telephone, well-organized, ability to present data clearly, experience with Excel, and access to transportation required (sometimes a bus schedule can work, but often the buses do not work within class schedules).

Local Hero Intern: 

Our Local Hero internship is a great way to learn about CISA’s work and what it takes to run a Buy Local campaign.  It is through this program that CISA maintains direct relationships with our farms and food system businesses.  CISA works with over 200 farmers and an additional 100 plus businesses who participate in our Local Hero program. This summer we will be planning our Restaurant Promotion and other special farm promotions, gathering resources and coordinating one-on-one support to farms and businesses.  We are looking for someone organized and interested in these topics to:

  • Introductory visits to Local Hero members to drop off materials;
  • Outreach to restaurants and farmers in preparation for our restaurant promotional event;
  • Assist in analyzing surveys from technical assistance workshops and our year-end evaluation;
  • Write profiles of members for our website and promotional work; and
  • Calls and outreach to Local Hero members.

Farmers’ Market Intern:

This internship is a great way to learn about Farmer’s Markets and how to support them.  CISA maintains relationships with the 30 farmers’ markets in our region and this summer will be supporting their transition to process HIP (Healthy Incentives Program), which provides SNAP (formerly Food Stamp) customers with a dollar for dollar rebate for their purchases of fruits and vegetables.  This position will attend markets to assist market managers, vendors and clients in communicating and transitioning to HIP benefits, will do outreach to farm stands and CSAs regarding HIP as necessary, and support CISA’s communications to the public regarding HIP.  We are looking for someone who is has impeccable customer service and people skills, can communicate complicated transactions to a variety of audiences, is organized, and is a good writer to:

  • Schedule and coordinate market visits;
  • Set up and staff CISA tables for public outreach at events and activities over the summer;
  • Support farmers’ markets, vendors, farm stands, and CSAs in accepting HIP;
  • Support staffer in outreach to farmers markets regarding SNAP and Senior FarmShare
  • Review and make recommendations of outreach and tools to support HIP.

Outreach/Communications Intern:

This internship is a great way to learn about how CISA communicates to consumers, businesses, and partner organizations.  CISA maintains a Facebook page, has a website and publishes two monthly email newsletters – one for community members and one for Local Hero farm and business members.  In addition to outreach, this position also provides support for our staffer working on farmers markets and our Senior FarmShare program (which provides low income seniors with access to a free mini-CSA share!).  We are looking for someone who is a thorough researcher, good writer, and (ideally) has some experience with photo manipulation (Adobe Photoshop etc.) to:

  • Assist in maintaining CISA’s website
  • Maintain CISA’s media tracking system
  • Research and write articles for enews and website, including profiles of Local Hero members
  • Support staffer in outreach to farmers markets regarding SNAP and Senior FarmShare
  • Review and make recommendations on CISA’s social and online media outreach.

“Working here has opened my eyes to the importance of local food systems and what our community can do to enhance it. The hands-on experience I have gotten has given me insight on important agricultural issues that inspire me to move forward, and under the kind, approachable staff here at CISA, I feel that my skills have improved and I am becoming more prepared for a career. Thank you, CISA!”  Kylee Denesha, Spring 2017

“I thoroughly enjoyed working as an intern at CISA. The internship allowed me to grow and advance myself as a professional when I was working with farmers’ markets. I had much support from the staff at CISA, but had opportunities to work independently. I developed strong interpersonal skills and a good sense of organization. I know I will be using everything I learned from CISA for the rest of my professional career.” Emily Cycz, Summer 2016

CISA’s Spring 2017 Interns

Kylee is the communications intern for the spring of 2017, handling web organization and updates, writing profiles of Local Hero members, and assisting with the upkeep and outreach of CISA as a whole.This is her first time working in sustainable agriculture, and is extremely enthusiastic about the movements occurring at CISA and assisting with the implementation of local food programs. Kylee is passionate for learning new things and contributing information to her local, and someday global, community. She is currently a University of Massachusetts Amherst senior, studying Journalism, Theater and Biology, and will be graduating this May! She cannot wait to learn more about local food through the work done at CISA.

Kat is a senior Geography major at the University of Massachusetts
Amherst and is pursuing a career in climate change policy. She has done work with sustainable agriculture through an internship on the Hampshire college farm as well as through a work-study retreat to Hawaii to work with indigenous farmers and learn about native ecosystems. She is also an active organizer for the Divest UMass campaign that had a recent victory of convincing the university to divest from fossil fuel investments.

In accordance with Federal law and US Department of Agriculture policy, CISA is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC  20250-9410, or call (800) 795-3272 (voice), or (202) 720-6382 (TDD).