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June 2024– It’s strawberry season! Plus: Making Food Fun, CISA is hiring, and more

May 2024– Pedal to Pasture, asparagus season, and more!

April 2024– Join us for farm tour, congrats to CISA’s 2024 Local Hero Awardees, and a lot more

March 2024 – Seasonal shifts, and an invitation to CISA’s Annual Meeting

January 2024– Winter bounty, and how local farmers are adpating to climate change

November 2023– A local Thanksgiving meal, plus: CISA is hiring!

October 2023– Welcome, fall: apples, pumpkins, and a lot more!

August 2023– August means tomatoes, corn, and a lot more!

July 2023– Floods and harvests: report from the field

June 2023– Strawberries are here, and a whole lot more!

April 2023–  Field Notes + meet our local heroes!

March 2023– March is maple month, plus CISA’s Annual Meeting and Making Food Fun!

January 2023– Winter inspiration, a call for storytellers, and reflections on climate change

October 2022– Making Food Fun and autumnal delights

September 2022– Welcome, fall! Apples, pumpkins, and more

August 2022– Next week: Making Food Fun, an event for kids!

July 2022– July = fresh sweet corn, juicy berries and tomatoes, and more!

late-June 2022– The summer harvest has begun! We can help you enjoy it

June 2022- They’re here: Strawberries!

May 2022– CISA’s Annual Report is here! Plus, celebrate our Local Hero Awardees

March 2022– March is sweet (and adorable!) on local farms

late-February 2022– Maple season is the sweetest!

February 2022– A local Valentine’s Day and more from CISA

January 2022– What’s on your table this winter? Click to find it locally!

December 2021– A little snow doesn’t stop the local bounty!

late-October 2021  Time to order your turkey!

October 2021– October = pumpkins, apples, and lots more

September 2021– Field Notes screening next week, PLUS it’s peak season!

August 2021– It’s peak season — don’t miss a thing!

July 2021– Blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, and corn — it’s July!

June 2021– Field Notes at the Drive-In, strawberry season, and so much more!

May 2021– Spring = asparagus, rhubarb, outdoor dining, and more!

April 2021– CISA’s Annual Meeting, where to find local food in the spring, and more!

March 2021– Spring is coming: maple sugaring, farm shares, and farmers’ markets

February 2021 – Order in this weekend from a local restaurant!

January 2021– What’s on your table this winter?

December 2020– Local gift ideas and Christmas trees, winter market updates, and more!

November 2020– Farmers’ market updates, seasonal inspiration, and a lot more from CISA

October 2020– Thank you, farmers. Plus: pick-your-own season, pickling at home, and a lot more from CISA

September 2020– Find pick-your-own apple orchards and more!

August 2020– Corn, tomatoes, and peaches — time to enjoy the harvest!

July 2020– It’s the height of the growing season — find it all locally!

mid-June 2020– June is dairy month! Recipes, farmer profiles, and more

June 2020– Strawberries, farmers’ markets, and more — the season has arrived!

May 2020– Asparagus, garden plants, and more.

April 2020– Local farms are here for you. Be there for them!

March 2020– COVID-19 resources from CISA

February 2020– Local food all winter long, and more!

January 2020– Local food all winter long, and more!

December 2019–  Local trees, roasts, and more!

November 2019– Make it a local holiday season, plus Field Notes!

October 2019– Field Notes, seasonal inspiration, and more!

September 2019– Farm festivals, kitchen inspiration, and more!

August 2019– This is the BEST month to eat out!

July 2019– The Farmer and The Land, blueberry season, and more!

June 2019– Field Guide to Spring, dairy month, and more!

May 2019– HIP returns, asparagus season, and more!

April 2019– Annual Report, call for stories, and coming spring!

March 2019– Annual Meeting on 4/3, Field Notes call for story submissions …

February 2019– Winter markets, HIP update, Local Hero membership

January 2019– Watch “Field Notes” now, winter markets, and a lot more!

December 2018– Local Christmas trees and a new Farm Bill!

November 2018– Field Notes, Thanksgiving Turkeys, and  more!

October 2018– Field Notes, Emergency Farm Fund, and more!

September 2018– Fall Harvest Celebration next week!

August 2018– Enjoy the harvest at Local Hero restaurants!

July 2018– Harvest season is in full swing, candidate forums, and more!

June 2018–  Dairy month, Local Hero Day, Strawberry Fest, and more!

May 2018– It’s here! The 2018 “Locally Grown: Farm Products Guide”

April 2018 -Tell your story at Field Notes, HIP action alert, and more!

March 2018– Don’t miss these upcoming events, maple season, and more!

February 2018– Celebrating our 25th anniversary, Winter Fare, and more!

January 2018– Winter Fare! HIP Action Alert! And a lot more!

December 2017– Winter farmers’ markets, local holidays, PVGrows announcement …

November 2017 -Have a local Thanksgiving!

October 2017– It’s fall!

September 2017– A new way to find local farms, Taste the View, and a lot more!

late-August 2017– Local Restaurants

August 2017– Time to Dine Out!

July 2017– Get out there and enjoy the harvest! And other news

June 2017– June is Dairy month

May 2017– 2017 Locally Grown: Farm Products Guide plus: farmers’ markets, asparagus, and Senior FarmShare!

April 2017– Spring is coming!

March 2017– March=maple! and more from CISA

February 2017– Maple syrup, local wool, and lots more!

January 2017– Winter Fare, SNAP & Save, and more

December 2016– A very local holiday, winter markets, and more

November 2016– Thanksgiving!

October 2016– Forgotten Farms, Clarkdale Cider Run, and more

September 2016– Come celebrate the harvest at Taste the View

August 2016– Enjoy the harvest with Local Hero restaurants!

July 2016– High season, SNAP & Save, and more

June 2016– The Dairy Case

May 2016– 2016 Locally Grown Farm Products Guide

April 2016– Seedlings, markets, and more signs of spring!

March 2016– CISA’s Annual Meeting

February 2016– Local Food for All!

January 2016– Don’t miss the fun at the markets

December 2015– Local marches on …

November 2015– Shop local for Thanksgiving

October 2015– Look here for local

September 2015– Taste the View, apples and peaches, and more!

August 2015– Local Hero Restaurant Days, Taste the View, and high harvest season!

July 2015– Farmers’ Markets

June 2015– Strawberries are here!

May 2015– 2015 Locally Grown: Farm Products Guide

April 2015– Ag Day

March 2015– Sugaring Season, CSA Sign-ups, and more

February 2015– Valentine’s Day, the Fifth Season, and more

January 2015– Winter Fares, Local Hero Enrollment, and workshops

December 2014– Valley Gives, local Christmas trees and local gifts

November 2014– Panel on Hampden County and a local Thanksgiving!

October 2014– Fall, films, and fun

September 2014-  Here comes the harvest and Taste the View

August 2014– Restaurant Days and lots of produce!

July 2014– Farmers’ markets and fun on the farm

June 2014– Scapes and strawberries!

May 2014– The growing season begins.

April 2014– Spring has finally arrived!

March 2014– It’s Maple time! Profile of South Face Farm.

February 2014 – Show your love with local products

January 2014– Year round production and Winter Fares

December 2013– CISA’s 20th anniversary year ends with gratitude; new publication, Eat Up and Take Action for Local Food; review of Uprisings, a book about local grain production

November 2013 – Local Thanksgiving, Valley Gives, Last Chance for Food Safety comments

October 2013 –  Tell the FDA what you think about the Food Safety and Modernization Act, and lots of fun and educational CISA events.

September 2013 – Advocate for local food with the Local Hero Challenge, plus lots of upcoming CISA events.

August 2013 – Local Food Calculator, Food Safety Modernization Act, profile of Apex Farm, profile of The Gill Tavern

July 2013 – Farm Stand Bingo, profile of Dickinson Farm

June 2013 – Strawberries and IPM, profile of Meadowbrook Farm

May 2013– 2013 Farm Products Guide arrives, profile of Gooseberry Farm

April 2013- CISA’s Local Hero Challenge, 20th Anniversary Annual Meeting, and a profile of Red Gate Farm.

March 2013–  Maple sugaring season, the launch of CISA’s Local Hero Challenge, and a special Match Fund for our 20th Anniversary.

February 2013– CISA’s 20th anniversary begins with a farmer panel and successful Winter Fares! Find 2013 CSA information, plus maple sugar shacks and farm camps, on our website.

January 2013 – CISA thanks those who have made our work possible and looks towards our 20th Anniversary year.

December 2012– CISA looks to the community for support as the end of the year approaches and as we face cuts in the state budget.

November 2012– We share resources for Thanksgiving and a profile of River Valley Market.

October 2012– “Knowing your farmer” is good for wholesale buyers, too, and profiles of two cooperative businesses.

September 2012– Lots of farm and food festivals, tours, and events.  Upcoming CISA workshops on renewable heat sources for farm building and whole farm planning for women.

August 2012 – Local Hero Restaurant Days

July 2012– Be an Ambassador for local food

June 2012– Eat now, and preserve for later (a new local cookbook can help); lots of news from local farms

May 2012– CISA introduces guide to choosing a CSA

April 2012 – Tremendous growth in CSAs; Agriculture Day at the State House and CISA’s legislative priorities.

March 2012– Connections between dairies and sugaring operations, and news from Local Hero businesses, including a story about new growth at The Kitchen Garden Farm.

February 2012–  CSA sign-up time, state budget priorities, and a profile of Next Barn Over Farm

January 2012 – Winter Fare!

December 2011 – Winter Farmers’ Markets; CISA by the numbers.

November 2011– Thanksgiving

October 2011 – Emergency Loan Fund

September 2011 – After the flooding; upcoming CISA events to celebrate the harvest;  further reading about our food system.

August 2011– Time for preserving the harvest; Tickets for On the Table; Restaurant profiles

July 2011 – New projects to increase local food access for everyone; a profile of Upinngil Farm.

June 2011 – CISA’s Locally Grown, the Farm Products Guide, is out!

May 2011 – Energy efficiency on the farm.

April 2011–  Have you joined a CSA yet?

March 2011– Spring is coming!

February 2011– CISA Annual Meeting, Greenfield Winter Fare,

January 2011– Its a New Year; Northampton Winter Fare

December 2010 – Buzz about local food.

November 2010 – Thanksgiving

October 2010 – Taste the View thank you’s

September 2010 – Preserving the bounty, Whole Farm Class graduates, and preschoolers go local for lunch.

August 2010 – Tickets for Taste the View, profiles on Local Hero chefs for Restaurant Days Celebration, and an indepth look at corn in the Valley.

July 2010 – Strawberry Thanksgiving, preview auction items, pricing locally grown food, and growing for immigrant populations

June 2010 – Weather’s impact on farming, 2010 Local Hero awardees, and the economy of food.

May 2010 – Farmers’ markets open, CISA hosts legislative forum, and a CISA intern reviews a book on urban farming.

April 2010 – Pioneer Valley Grows and Austin Brothers Valley Farm profile.

March 2010– Spring is Coming

February 2010 – Winter Fares

January 2010– Local Hero Enrollment for 2010

December 2009 – Give a gift to support CISA (double your money!). Local Hero business networking a success.

November 2009 – Learn how to source locally throughout the winter. CISA tackles winter storage on farms.

October 2009 – CISA discusses different definitions of buying locally. Profile of Calabrese Farm.

September 2009 – CISA launches a new website, and prepares for Eat The View.

August 2009 – Find out how farms make produce available for people in need. Profile of Carmelina’s at the Common.

July 2009

June 2009  – The Farm Products Guide hits the stands. Profiles of the 2009 Local Hero Award recipients.

May 2009 – CISA discusses farmers markets. Profile of the Morse Family of Outlook Farm.

April 2009 – Learn about food safety in Massachusetts, and CISA’s new board members. Profile of the Kitchen Garden.

March 2009 – The Census of Agriculture data reveals victories and challenges for Massachusetts Agriculture.

February 2009 – CISA discusses the coming of spring, and provides a list of CSAs.

January 2009 – Highlights on buying locally grown wood, and the Senior FarmShare program.

December 2008 – CISA gives local holiday gift ideas, and advice on using local honey and maple syrup.

November 2008 – Learn about the COOL Rule, as well as cider and wine production in the Valley.

October 2008 – CISA launches new community membership initiative, and hosts Eat the View.

September 2008 – Learn about locally grown food in school cafeterias, raw milk and local wheat.

August 2008 – CISA writes about farm-fresh fruits, and their Local Hero Restaurant Celebration.July 2008 – Find out where to find local meat for the grill. Local Recipe: Lemon Butter Barramundi.

June 2008 – Local farmers weigh in on what they are looking forward to this season.  2008 Local Hero Awards are announced.

May 2008– River Valley Market opens its doors, and Local Hero Members win “Best of the Valley.”

April 2008 – CISA discusses spring seedlings, and new farms. The world’s largest seed bank opens in Norway.

March 2008 – Phil Korman is selected as CISA’s next Executive Director.