Atlas Farm Greenhouse Assistant

General description:

The greenhouse assistant is a full-time, year-round position at the farm and plays a critical role in the farm’s greenhouse production. The primary focus of this position is the operation and management of the farm’s 6 greenhouses and 4 high tunnel structures and all production related activities in these areas, especially during the main greenhouse season from March through July. During the other months of the year, the greenhouse assistant may also participate in other areas of the farm including field production, harvest and packing house work, building projects, and possibly some involvement in the farm store and/or farmers’ markets. The assistant works closely with the greenhouse manager and other crew members on a daily basis. This is an entry level position at the farm and extensive on-the-job training will be provided in the farm’s greenhouse systems and other systems. The assistant is directly supervised by the greenhouse manager and farm owner and will, in turn, help supervise other crew members in greenhouse work.

Daily job responsibilities:

  • maintain seeding and transplanting schedules
  • coordinate with greenhouse manager on daily task list for the crew
  • lead crew members in flat filling, seeding, transplanting, harvesting, and moving crops
  • monitor crop needs including fertility, water, pest management, and climate control and coordinate with greenhouse manager on crop management tasks in these areas
  • keep greenhouse supplies organized and notify manager when items need to be re-ordered
  • monitor greenhouse equipment and report any issues to manager and farm owner
  • coordinate with manager on transitioning greenhouses between different crop cycles (spring, summer, fall, winter)
  • help field crew with planting, weeding, harvesting, packing house work, and irrigation as needed during summer months


  • average 40-45 hours/ week over the calendar year with seasonal variation
  • 5 ½ – 6 days/week during main greenhouse season from March through July; normal daily schedule is 6am – 6pm with some variation
  • 5 days/week from August through November; daily schedule to be determined
  • 4 days/week December-February; normal daily schedule is 8am – 4pm with some variation


  • starting wage commensurate with experience
  • free farm produce and 25% discount on all supply vendor products carried at the farm store
  • 1 week of unpaid vacation time available from August-November; up to 2 weeks of additional unpaid vacation time available from December-February

How to apply:

Applicants should write a cover letter explaining their interest in the position along with a current resume and three work related references. Contact Joe at

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