Your Local Food Impact

Part II: See the impact of shifting your purchases

Can you shift some of your monthly food budget away from processed and long-distance food and toward local? Part II of this calculator measures the impact on the local economy of buying more local foods and less processed foods or foods coming from outside the region.


In an average month, my household could commit to buying more local food from these categories:

How much more?
Fresh, local vegetables:+$
Fresh, local fruit:+$
Local dairy and eggs:+$
Local meat:+$


In an average month, my household could buy less from these food categories and substitute fresh, local produce:

How much less?
Frozen foods:-$
Canned fruits and vegetables:-$
Chips, cookies, crackers:-$
Breakfast cereals:-$
Long-distance vegetables:-$
Long-distance fruit:-$
Long-distance dairy and eggs:-$
Long-distance meat:-$


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