HIP customer survey

A group of community organizations, including CISA, has made a 2018 survey to hear directly from HIP users about their experiences. We want to make sure HIP works the best it can.

If you have used the Healthy Incentives Program, will you take a few minutes to share your thoughts in our HIP survey (below)? Or, if you know someone else who has used HIP, we invite you to share the survey with them! All answers are anonymous, and we will only collect contact information if you want to share it.

Find the HIP survey in your language here:

HIP customer survey - English

HIP customer survey - Spanish

HIP customer survey - Russian

HIP customer survey - Chinese

HIP customer survey - Vietnamese

HIP customer survey - Arabic

HIP customer survey - Portuguese

HIP customer survey - Haitian Creole

HIP customer survey - Cape Verdean Creole

Thank you!
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Healthy Incentives Program

Massachusetts’ Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) is a great resource in our communities, enabling SNAP customers to buy more fruits and vegetables and farmers to see more sales. HIP is a program run by the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance. Learn more about HIP here and find FAQs here.

Note: Printable (PDF) versions of the surveys can be found at the following links.

English survey PDF, Spanish survey PDF, Russian survey PDF, Chinese survey PDF, Vietnamese survey PDF, Arabic survey PDF, Portuguese survey PDF, Haitian Creole survey PDF, Cape Verdean Creole survey PDF