Choosing a Christmas tree

At this time of year, folks are out in force, picking out their Christmas trees.

Kathy Hayford and Nancy Cheevers and Cheevers’ son, Ryan Cheevers, for example, were at Chestnut Mountain Tree Farm in Hatfield where they’ve gone for about eight years. Nancy Cheevers says they have a great big room, so they need a 10-foot tree, and the farm has some big trees to choose from.

“I always like to support a tree farm,” Cheevers said. “The people here are so nice. Every year they are so accommodating, and the cider is good, too.”

Mikey Gamrod, who is working at Chestnut Mountain Tree Farm for the first time this year, said, “My arms get sore from lifting trees all day, but it’s fun.”

Recently, we found families on the hunt at a variety of area tree farms, including Hanging Mountain Farm in Westhampton, Four Corners Farm in Williamsburg and one that boasts “traditional Christmas trees” at 41 Cross Path Road in Northampton.