Book Reviews

Here is what CISA staff has been reading. Read a good book on local agriculture lately?  Send us your suggestion.

Book Review: No Table Too Small

Book by Laura Titzer Review by Claire Morenon, CISA Communications Manager At CISA, we’ve been grappling how race, inequality, and diversity intersect with the work[...]
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Recipe for America

Jill implores us to examine the food on our plates and consider the ramifications of knowing so little about what we are putting in our[...]
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Fair Food

Oran Hesterman, author of Fair Food, has been intimately involved in the sustainable food movement for decades. There’s a lot to learn from his new[...]
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Valley Vegetables

Want a cookbook that’s fun to read and designed to use crops that are in season together, right here in the Valley? Leverett food writer[...]
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