CISA On-Farm Fall Workshops 2021

This fall CISA will host 5 on-farm workshops on topics related to sustainable agriculture and resource and energy conservation. This is a chance to see 5 different operations and pick up knowledge from professionals in the agricultural and energy professions. Workshops are relevant to all and targeted towards small to mid-sized farms in their first 10 years of operation. Click on the links below to find out more information OR click on the registration link to sign up right away.

CISA is following CDC and Massachusetts state and local guidelines for COVID-19. Unvaccinated attendees are encouraged to wear masks. Indoor workshop mask requirements are up to the discretion of the host facility.

Most events have a 15-20 person capacity.

Read below for individual workshop details.

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1. Towards Organic Fruit Management in New England: Holistic Decision Making for Regenerative Fruit Practices

Connor Stedman from Appleseed Permaculture and Farm Manager Leslie Harris will share insights and practices from Quonquont Farm’s efforts to innovate new IPM and organic pest management strategies in their blueberry and apple production systems. Participants will engage in an activity with their own growing challenges or circumstances and workshop exercises will be applicable to a wide range of fruit and nut crops.

September 30, 3-6pm

See full details, dates, and registration for this course here.

2. Profitable Meat Marketing and New Pricing Calculator

Presenter Matt LeRoux will demo to the new and improved Cornell Meat Price Calculator and share early results from Cornell and CISA’s joint project on meat marketing. Barstow’s Longview Farm, a recent project participant, will host and present their experience working with the calculator at their retail store. Presented by Matt LeRoux, Extension Associate at Cornell University and Denise Barstow, Marketing and Education Manager of Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery.

October 5, 5:30-7:30pm

See full details, dates, and registration for this course here.

3. Farm Energy and Resource Conservation – Working with NRCS and FSA Technical Assistance and Conservation Programs

USDA-NRCS and FSA will go over the conservation planning process and how to apply for financial assistance conservation programs. PLUS a dive into soil health and other relevant technical topics. Red Fire Farm will share their experience working with NRCS and current soil health and resource conservation practices.

October 7, 3pm

See full details, dates, and registration for this course here.

4. Equipment and Tool Section for Small Farm Production

Choosing, using and maintaining hand tools for intensive crop production on small-scale commercial farms. Hosted by Song Sparrow Farm and presented by farm owner Diego Irizarry and Andy Pressman, Regional Director of National Center for Appropriate Technology.

October 13, 3-5pm

See full details, dates, and registration for this course here.

5. On-Farm Energy: Audits, Short Term Solutions and Long Planning

The Massachusetts Farm Energy Program (MFEP) will present on how to identify, plan for, fund, and implement both short and longer-term energy projects. This includes energy savings projects, such as upgrading lighting, and energy generating projects, such as solar. Simple Gifts Farm has worked with MFEP and USDA-NRCS to have an energy audit done, focused on greenhouse energy and electrical use. This workshop will cover the next steps after receiving the audit and will look at how to implement energy-saving strategies over time.

October 19, 3pm

See full details, dates, and registration for this course here.

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