December 29: Popcorn

These days, many kids have never seen popcorn pop, since it usually happens in a bag in the microwave.  Kids are thrilled to peek in on the popping kernels in a pot on the stove, or to watch them cascade out of an air popper.  Buy it on the cob from a local farm and they can shell it, too.  Add butter melted with smashed garlic or grated local cheese, or make the best caramel corn ever using maple syrup.

Web extras:

CISA’s list of popcorn growers is here.  Visit Pioneer Valley Popcorn to find a list of retail outlets for their locally grown corn (in the yellow bar on the left side of the page).

This recipe for maple popcorn is very, very good.  I think you can increase the quantity of corn and it is still plenty sweet and maple-y.