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14 Watson Road
Ashfield, MA 01330
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14 Watson Road Ashfield Massachusetts 01330
Contact: Lisa Fortin (Owner)


Who Grew Your Yarn?

Lisa Fortin from Growing a Bunch Farm launched Bloom in early 2021 to offer a widely-available locally grown yarn to farm lovers in Western MA.  With wool from her family’s flock of Shetland sheep along with fiber from 8 other nearby farms, Bloom creates high-quality knitting yarns and other woolen products. The yarn is spun and naturally dyed in and around the Western Massachusetts Fibershed. With a special focus on woolen-spun yarn, Lisa works with the mills in our regional fiber system to design and produce lush and lofty yarns that are a pleasure to knit with. When you purchase Bloom Woolen Yarns you support small family-owned farms and help preserve New England’s enduring textile tradition.

Knit with Bloom and create an American-made heirloom.

We Buy Local

What We Grow


Knit items, Yarn

Family Fun

We offer 2 summer camps at our family homestead so kids can learn where fiber and clothing comes from:

Fiber Art Camp and Sewing a Bunch…Stitch Camp! at Growing a Bunch Farm.

Please visit for more information.

Community Supported Agriculture

Sign up for the Bloom Yarn CSA anytime!  

The Community Supported Agriculture model is a great way to support fiber farms and small mills in the northeast. Your contribution enables Bloom to build capital and continue creating high-quality yarns from local fibers. Shareholders receive many great armfuls of local wool at lower than retail price.


Your partnership helps Bloom further our mission to grow our flock and purchase additional fiber from local farms, explore traditional and organic methods of dyeing with plants and other materials, and send 100’s of pounds of fiber to be spun at mills in VT, CT, ME and NY.


During each of 6 seasons of the year, members receive one pound of distinct mill-spun yarn (that’s a LOT of yarn!) and receive savings of approximately 20% off retail. Perks such as notecards, knitting patterns, coupon codes or woolen surprises may also appear in your Market Box of yarn!



Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter



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Peach update

There are no peaches for harvest in Massachusetts this year — an unfortunate casualty of increasingly variable weather fueled by climate change. We are keeping the guide updated with information about other fruit that is available, along with farms that are sourcing peaches from other parts of the region.