Blue Heron Restaurant & Catering

Globally inspired cuisine sourced ethically from our Valley and beyond.

112 North Main Street
Sunderland, MA 01375
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112 North Main Street Sunderland MA 01375
Special Sourcing: Organic, Fair Trade, Sustainable Seafood
Chef: Executive Chef Justin Mosher
Contact: Deborah Snow & Barbara White (Owners)
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Award-winning Blue Heron Restaurant and Catering is owned and operated by Deborah Snow and Barbara White. Sourcing our ingredients from local and regional farms and pastures, we are committed to offering the very best of sustainably raised and organic products, and to the health of our community and planet.

We offer private dining rooms, cooking classes, wine dinners and full-service catering.

We Buy Local


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Just Picked

Put on some clothing you don’t mind getting a little dirt on and spend an afternoon with family and friends discovering the local farms that grow our food. Keep in mind that harvest times are a little different every year. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to find out what’s available for picking.

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