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Boyden Brothers Maple

716 South Deerfield Road
Conway, MA 01341
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716 South Deerfield Road Conway Massachusetts 01341
Pay With: Credit/Debit
Wholesale: Restaurants, Schools, Grocery Stores
Contact: Jeanne and Howard Boyden
(413) 475-0566(413) 475-0566
(413) 369-4665 (413) 369-4665


We are fourth-generation maple producers making award winning maple syrup and pure maple products that we sell retail, wholesale, and mail order. Stop by in the spring when the sap runs and see the syrup being made, and try our maple cream, maple candy, and maple granulated sugar as well.  Our retail store at the sugarhouse is open when we boil during the spring season, weekends in December before Christmas, and by chance or appointment throughout the year. We also offer several sizes of boxed assorted maple products suitable for gift giving and shipping.  Our own freshly cut Christmas trees are available at the sugarhouse in early December.  Call or email us anytime for details, to arrange a pick-up time, or to place an order.

What We Grow

Honey + Maple

Maple Syrup

Nursery + Flowers

Christmas Trees


Maple Products

Farm Stand

  • Boyden Brothers Maple
    642 S. Deerfield Road
    Conway, MA (map)
    (413) 475 0566 or (413) 369 4665
  • Retail store is open weekends, and during the week if we are boiling, for the spring production season.  Also open weekends in December before Christmas, as well as by appointment or chance during the year. Call or email us anytime to pick up or ship an order.

Family Fun

Watch the sap boiling process during maple season and have a taste of our just-made syrup (if available).


Spring, Winter


Maple Sugar Shack

Holiday Product Details

Boyden Bros. Maple sells our own fresh cut Christmas trees. Self serve, priced as marked.  Check our facebook page (Boyden Bros Maple) for start dates.
We are also open weekends in December prior to Christmas, or by appointment, for maple products or gift packs. We ship in the U.S.!

Bring your list, along with addresses, and let us send your locally produced Holiday gifts.
Contact us at:
(413) 369 4665

Happy Holidays from Howard & Jeanne & family



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