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457 Montague Road
Sunderland, MA 01375
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457 Montague Road Sunderland Massachusetts 01375
Growing Practices: Chemical Free/ Sustainably Grown
Contact: Carin Zinter


C & C Orchards is 100% natural. 700,000 carbon-free, bio-fueled, ozone-friendly bees produce our honey, pollinating more than 18,000 acres of carbon-converting forest and grassland in the process, resulting in honey that is absolutely pure. Pure honey, from pure hives, from pure bees. When we get stung we even try to think pure thoughts.

Our honey is produced from chemical-free hives – with no antibiotics. If our bees get sick and die, we’re sad for them (but such is life on a farm). C & C Orchards consumes no fossil fuels to harvest. We’re not exactly Amish, but the tractor, the car that takes the honey to market, and the people who turn the crank on the honey-extractor are bio-fueled. Our honey leaves no waste when extracted. We use most of the wax, and the bees recycle any that’s left into, well, more wax. C & C Orchards honey requires no refrigeration. The way we see it: hives don’t come with a fridge or an expiration date, so bees learned to make honey that will keep indefinitely. We hope you enjoy it
In addition to containers of honey, we also offer:

– Beekeeping Information
– Customized Extraction
– Fundraising Program
– Hive Management
– Swarm Removal
– Wedding/Party Favors

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Honey + Maple


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