Chase Hill Farm

74 Chase Hill Road
Warwick, MA 01378
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74 Chase Hill Road Warwick MA 01378
Growing Practices: Certified Organic
Contact: Benjamin and Laura Wells-Tolley


Chase Hill Farm is an organic certified 100% pasture-based dairy farm, producing raw milk, artisan cheese, and beef from our herd of French-bred Normande cows raised exclusively on grass. We sell at the farm, Amherst Farmers’ Market, area stores, and the Garlic & Arts Festival!
We strive to use more renewable resources by using draft horses for farmwork, aging our cheeses in a cave built into the hillside, and having a solar panel array mounted on our barn.

What We Grow

Breeding Stock

Cows (dairy)

Dairy + Eggs

Cheese (cow), Eggs (chicken), Raw Milk


Beef, Pork, Veal

Farm Stand

Chase Hill Farm
74 Chase Hill Road
Warwick, MA (map)
(413) 829-4881

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Put on some clothing you don’t mind getting a little dirt on and spend an afternoon with family and friends discovering the local farms that grow our food. Keep in mind that harvest times are a little different every year. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to find out what’s available for picking.

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