Chestnut Farms

404 Turkey Street
Hardwick, MA 01031
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404 Turkey Street Hardwick Massachusetts 01031
Pay With: Credit/Debit
Growing Practices: Certified Naturally Grown
Food Safety Certifications: HACCP
Contact: Kim Denney and Rich Jakshtis


Chestnut Farms is a family owned and operated livestock farm with a mission of  connecting communities to agriculture. We are located in the heart of Massachusetts, where we raise grassfed beef, pastured pork, lamb and poultry in fresh air and sunshine.  While we choose not to seek organic certification, we use organic practices.  We are primarily  a CSA farm and  offer pickups in Amherst, Northampton and on our farm as well as around greater Boston.  We are also part of the Boston Public Market where we seek to connect the urban community with our agricultural heritage. For more information please visit us online at

What We Grow

Dairy + Eggs

Eggs (chicken)


Beef, Buffalo, Chicken, Fowl, Goat, Lamb, Pork, Rabbit, Turkey

Pet Food

Dog Bones, Dog Food, Dog Treats

Farm Stand

Chestnut Farms offers a seven day a week (10 am to 8 pm Sun-Friday; Sat 8 am to 8 pm) store as part of the Boston Public Market. Located at 100 Hanover St in downtown Boston we bring a bit of Western MA to the city.  Please visit us and 38 other local farms and businesses at the BPM.

Family Fun

Open farm each fall for Meet the Meat!

Community Supported Agriculture

Chestnut Farms is a family owned and operated livestock farm raising grass-fed beef, pastured pork, lamb and poultry. We offer a wonderful CSA opportunity. Our share cycles run for six months at a time with our winter cycle going from December through May and our summer shares June through November. Each month shareholders receive a portion of the harvest which is a mix of beef, pork and poultry in approximately one to two pound cryo-vacuumed, fully labeled packages. All meat is processed under full USDA inspection and HACCP Compliant.

Mixed CSA Share

(distributed once per month)
10lb share: $100
15lb share: $140
20lb share: $180
25lb share: $225
30lb share: $280
50lb share: $425

Poultry Only CSA

(distributed once per month)
10lb share: $80
15lb share: $120
20lb share: $150
25lb share: $175

What is in a share?
A typical share might include a package of chicken breasts, a package of thighs, two pounds of ground beef, a pound of bacon, a package of sweet Italian pork sausage, two pork chops and a large sirloin steak. The following month it might be boneless chicken thighs, ground beef, ground pork, a package of Canadian bacon, a pork butt roast and two Rib-eye steaks. We do keep records and try mightily to share the wealth of the harvest across our CSA family.

Our Poultry ONLY Shares contain a mix of chicken cuts, occasional turkey breasts (boneless) and ground turkey and turkey sausage. We offer a mix boneless, bone in parts as well as whole chickens.

What is the difference between a summer and winter share? In the summer we ask our slaughterhouse to process our animals for easy living and lots of grilling. We know we all eat more vegetables and love to cook out during the summer so sausages, steaks, boneless chicken and ground beef (patties too) are plentiful in the summer shares. Our winter shares are more likely to include ribs and roasts, shanks and stewing meat- things that we love to braise and enjoy as a warm hearty meal.

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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

CSA type by product


Holiday Product Details

Thanksgiving turkeys


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