Crooked Stick Pops

Grab life by the stick!

122 Pleasant Street Suite 236
Easthampton, MA 01027
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122 Pleasant Street Suite 236 Easthampton Massachusetts 01027
Special Sourcing: Organic, Fair Trade
Pay With: Credit/Debit
Contact: Julie Tuman (Owner)

COVID-19 Updates

Crooked Stick Pops has closed their store. Instead they are offering free pop home deliveries. All ordering on their website: http://www.crookedstickpops/home-delivery. $3.50/pop (minimum order 10). Orders received by 8pm will be delivered the following day, 9am-12pm, Tues-Sun.


Crooked Stick Pops creates craft ice pops—both classics and bold flavor experiments. Purists love Strawberry Lemonade and Watermelon, while the adventurous might try Blueberry Lavender, Green Monster, or Maple Pear. We use fresh fruit and locally sourced ingredients when possible. During the growing season we often pick up fruit at our favorite farms and make it into pops while it’s still warm from the sun.

We Buy Local


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Open this week!

Find farm stands, farmers’ markets, restaurants, and more that are open now — including curbside pickup and home delivery!