Four Star Farms, Inc.

496 Pine Meadow Road
Northfield, MA 01360
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496 Pine Meadow Road Northfield MA 01360
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Growing Practices: Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Contact: The L'Etoile Family
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We’ve been growing hops on our family farm in Western Massachusetts since 2008. With 8 varieties of aromatic and dual purpose hops grown on 17 acres (roughly 17,000 plants), we produce enough hops each season to make ~1-3 million pints of beer.

As a year-round supplier of hops pellets, and seasonal supplier of wet and whole leaf hops, we get to work with several breweries around New England. We also offer smaller packaging options for home brewers. Please visit our website for more information (

What makes our hops special? In a word, terroir. In its simplest definition, terroir is a “taste of place.” Regardless of which hops varieties you grow or where in the world you grow them, the things that happen to those plants in a given growing season (think rain, amount of sunshine, average temperatures, the type of soil you’re growing in, how you care for them, etc.) will all impact the flavor and aroma differently from place to place and from year to year.

Our soil, Hadley Silt Loam (which is just about perfect, thanks prehistoric lake bottom!), and growing conditions contribute so many fruity (citrus, bubble gum, berry) and nuanced flavors and aromas in our hops that can’t be found in their counterparts grown other places – allowing for some old school hops varieties to step into the forefront of new school flavor profiles (read: juicy IPAs). At the farm, Magnum aren’t just for bittering and Nugget is definitely not herbal/earthy but instead packs a citrus punch (so different in fact that instead of calling them Nugget, we have renamed them Pepite).

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Four Star Farms
496 Pine Meadow Road
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