Gray Dog's Farm

35 Church Road
Huntington, MA 01050
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35 Church Road Huntington MA 01050
Pay With: Credit/Debit
Wholesale: Restaurants
Growing Practices: Chemical Free/ Sustainably Grown
Contact: Ross and Alicia Hackerson


I (Ross) grew up on a ranch and then became vegetarian for thirty years as I wasn’t willing to eat the meat from the supermarket. Alicia grew up in Argentina, a place famous for its beef; and when she moved to the US she became a semi-vegetarian for the same reason I did. Inevitably, one of the reasons we started our farm was so we could eat meat again, meat we trusted. We invite you to share this quality meat.

All our animals are free range and grass fed (we feed them enough grain that they will come when called). We sell beef by 12 lb., 25 lb. or 50 lb. boxes and lamb either half or whole. Pre-order what you want and pick it up at the farm. It is usually available before the end of December. In some cases we do local deliveries.


What We Grow


Beef, Lamb

Community Supported Agriculture

We offer beef and lamb. Please visit our website for details.


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

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Peach update

There are no peaches for harvest in Massachusetts this year — an unfortunate casualty of increasingly variable weather fueled by climate change. We are keeping the guide updated with information about other fruit that is available, along with farms that are sourcing peaches from other parts of the region.