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Hettie Belle Farm

28 Winchester Road
Warwick, MA 01378
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28 Winchester Road Warwick MA 01378
Pay With: Credit/Debit, SNAP/EBT
Wholesale: Restaurants, Grocery Stores
Contact: Jennifer Core and Olivier Flagollet
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We raise organically-fed chickens, turkeys, ducks, and pork on pasture as well as 100% grass-fed beef and lamb. Our product is available through our meat CSA with distribution sites in South Deerfield, Florence, Warwick, Concord, MA, Dorchester, and Brattleboro, VT. Holiday ducks and turkeys sold individually. Meat and poultry with a guarantee from our family to yours!

What We Grow


Beef, Chicken, Duck, Goose, Lamb, Pork, Turkey

Farm Stand

Hettie Belle Farm
28 Winchester Road
Warwick, MA (map)
(978) 544-6241

Multi-day monthly CSA pick-up & Self-serve farm stand open June-October

Family Fun

We host an annual BBQ and winter sledding event for our CSA Community.

Our Customers

Community Supported Agriculture

Our monthly meat CSA is available in three options  – The full share includes 65+ pounds of our farm product runs November-March, the small share includes 45 pounds of our farm product and runs from November-January, and the summer share  is a one-time July Pick-up including 15 pounds of cuts for the grill.  All members receive a combination of 100% grass-fed beef & lamb and organically-fed and pastured chicken, duck & pork. We raise all our own animals on grass and feed certified-organic grain to our pigs and poultry. Prices range from $165-$700 depending on share size. Monthly payments are available, and  we accept SNAP. Sign-up here: 


Full Share: $700, November to March (65+ pounds in total)
Half Share: $520, November to January (45+ pounds in total)
Summer Share: $165, early July (15 pounds grillables)

Distribution  Locations:

  • On The Farm, Warwick, MA 01378
  • Hermit Thrush Brewery, Brattleboro, VT 05302
  • Atlas Farm Store, 218 Greenfield Rd, South Deerfield, MA 01373
  • Crimson & Clover Farm, 215 Spring St, Florence, MA 01062
  • Reason to be Cheerful, 110, Commonwealth Ave., Concord, MA 01742


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

CSA type by product


Holiday Product Details

Thanksgiving turkeys
are sold at a flat rate $125 per bird, range in size from 18-28# and are processed and packaged mid-November.

We raise pastured poultry fed only Green Mountain Feeds organic grain for sale as whole roasting birds. Please use the sign-up here to reserve ducks, and turkeys. We sell out quickly so do think ahead! Holiday birds are available for pick-up on the farm, at Crimson & Clover Farm in Florence, or Atlas Farm in Deerfield.

Holiday Roasts:
Ducks are sold at a flat rate of $65 per bird, range in size from 5-8# and are processed and packaged mid-November.
Turkeys are also available for holidays outside of Thanksgiving. (See details above) Hams are available in December or March, please email to reserve one!


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