Khaver Farm

30 Campbell Road
Plainfield, MA 01070
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30 Campbell Road Plainfield Massachusetts 01070
Contact: Jessica Marshall
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Khaver Farm is a newly-founded regenerative tree crop and silvopastured livestock operation in the Hilltowns of western Massachusetts that aims to combine climate-resilient agroforestry practices with the wisdom of the founders’ diasporic Jewish cultures. Our long-term vision is to become a reliable source of calorically-dense foods like hazelnuts, chestnuts, geese, and ducks. Additionally, we will grow culturally-significant perennials including currants, sorrel, elder, mulberry, and horseradish. Starting in 2026, Khaver Farm will begin raising kosher poultry for Rosh Hashanah and Pesach. On-farm programming will focus on Hungarian food preservation techniques, among them curing meats with cold smoke and fermenting overripe fruit into medicinal pálinka.

What We Grow

Grains + Feeds

Chestnuts, Hazelnuts




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