Little Brook Farm

334 Russell Street
Sunderland, MA 01375
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334 Russell Street Sunderland MA 01375
Growing Practices: Chemical Free
Contact: Kristen Whittle


Our small family farm practices sustainable agriculture. Sheep and border collies are at the heart of the farm, but diversification is key to our philosophy. We offer lean, healthy, grass-fed lamb, free-range chicken and Turkeys, duck and chicken eggs, pastured pork, fleeces, yarn, roving and blankets. We also offer farm camps and educational workshops, herding demonstrations and birthday/farm experiences.

What We Grow

Breeding Stock

Ducks, Goats (dairy), Sheep (fiber), Sheep (meat)

Dairy + Eggs

Eggs (chicken), Eggs (duck), Eggs (goose)


Fleeces, Hides, Roving, Sheepskin, Wool, Wool Blankets, Yarn


Breeding Stock, Chicken, Duck, Fowl, Lamb, Mutton, Pork, Turkey

Nursery + Flowers


Pet Food

Dog Bones, Meat

Farm Stand

  • Little Brook Farm
    334 Russell Street
    Sunderland, MA (map)
    (413) 665-3802Meat by appointment onlyEggs self serve refridgerator

Family Fun

  • Farm camp
    April Vacation Camp, During school vacation week. 9 am – 3pm
    This week is special due to the young age of all the animals. The ewes have finished lambing and the goats are kidding. We often have new baby chicks or turkey poults. We always have some other special activities planned for this week. Please visit our website for more info.
  • Farm camp
    SUMMER FARM CAMPS will take place during June and July from 9 AM to 3 PM. Dates are on the website!
    Little Brook Farm in Sunderland, will be offers three weeks of farm camp each year. Campers will have the opportunity to learn about agriculture and livestock. There will be lots of hands on experience with goats, sheep, llamas, donkeys, horses, chickens and ducks. The goal for each week will be to provide kids with the opportunity to learn how to safely handle animals and to foster respect for the animals that we care for. Kids will develop a better understanding of where their meat, milk, eggs and fiber come from, and what sustainable agriculture means. And of course, everyone will have FUN with all the baby animals and both indoor and outdoor activities. Camp is limited to children ages 6 – 13 and space is very limited. For more information please contact Kristen Whittle at 413-665-3802. Or email her at  Little Brook Farm: 334 Russell st, Sunderland, MA.Contact Kristen Whittle at (413) 665-3802 or by e-mail for more information.
  • Birthday and Farm Experiences  We offer birthday parties for kids or adults!  The kids love the hands on experience and many people find that spending time with animals is very therapeutic. We provide experiences tailored to your needs. We have provided both children and adults with educational, interactive and healing experiences. Give us a call and let’s chat!

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Put on some clothing you don’t mind getting a little dirt on and spend an afternoon with family and friends discovering the local farms that grow our food. Keep in mind that harvest times are a little different every year. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to find out what’s available for picking.

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