Maple Valley Ice Cream

102 Mill River Road
Hadley, MA 01035
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102 Mill River Road Hadley MA 01035
Contact: Laurie Cuevas & Bruce Jenks


A bit about Maple Valley Ice Cream
Offering the only local ice cream that meets the CISA local ingredient criteria. Wholesale, retail and institutional sales of farm-fresh ice cream. Remember, “If they say it’s local, ask to see their cows!

”We were founded by dairy farmers with the core belief that ice cream and ice cream mix should be produced from the freshest possible and rBGH hormone-free milk generated by local dairies in the Pioneer Valley. We distribute single serve, pints, quarts, 1/2 gallons, 2.5 gallon containers and bulk ice cream orders for those interested in great tasting locally made ice cream. Help support and sustain local dairy farms.

—Laurie Cuevas & Bruce Jenks

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Put on some clothing you don’t mind getting a little dirt on and spend an afternoon with family and friends discovering the local farms that grow our food. Keep in mind that harvest times are a little different every year. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to find out what’s available for picking.

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