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273 South St. #1
Northampton, MA 01060
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273 South St. #1 Northampton Massachusetts 01060
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Pioneer Valley Apiaries is all about healthy local bees. Bees that are kept in the Valley, overwintered in the Valley, and selectively raised in the Valley. Based in Western Massachusetts, Pioneer Valley Apiaries uses ‘sustainable beekeeping’ practices and proven genetics from northern-bred queens to produce docile, healthy, productive bees that—when coupled with proper care—thrive in our New England region.

Available from Pioneer Valley Apiaries:

— Raw, unfiltered, local honey produced by bees that stay year-round at Pioneer Valley farms, orchards, and other locations. These bees forage throughout the year on every nectar-producing bloom the Valley has to offer, bringing you delicious honey that is essentially and characteristically local to the Pioneer Valley. You can buy Pioneer Valley Apiaries honey at the local farms and establishments listed below in the ‘Our Customers’ section.

Nucleus Colonies
— Honeybee colonies, locally raised and overwintered in the Pioneer Valley, available for purchase on five deep-size frames. See website for more info!

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