Pioneer Valley NE Growers Coop

P.O. Box 185
Hadley, MA 01075
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P.O. Box 185 Hadley MA 01075
Pay With: SNAP/EBT, HIP (Healthy Incentives Program)
Wholesale: Restaurants, Schools
Contact: Glenroy B. Buchanan


The Pioneer Valley Growers Co-op was founded in 1988. The purpose is to distribute locally grown fruits and vegetables to inner city communities in areas where traditional outlets are not available.

The concept is to organize farmers who have the skills and know how to produce excellent crops, but lack the resources – i.e. land, money, equipment – to get started on their own.

The idea was to team up with established farmers using a plot or an acre or two of their land to grow our own crops. In return the land owner gets a portion of the crop. The remaining crop is sent to market. We also team up with the same farmers helping them to harvest their crops and also sell some of their crops. Other farmers have asked us to sell some of their crops at farmers’ markets in these areas where they don’t have outlets.

You can find us at many of the farmers’ markets in the Valley or call us for an appointment.

What We Grow


Callaloo, Corn, Lettuce, Peppers, Pumpkins, Summer Squash, Tomatoes, Winter Squash

Our Customers



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