Reed Farm

136 Russell Street
Sunderland, MA 01375
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136 Russell Street Sunderland Massachusetts 01375
Wholesale: Restaurants, Schools, Grocery Stores
Contact: Peter Laznicka & Kat Chang Laznicka
Contact: Peter (phone) & Kat (email)


Small-scale pastured poultry farm & Small Enterprise State Inspected poultry processing facility located in Sunderland MA, offering full service custom poultry processing and wholesale pastured* poultry year-round.

Our mission is to provide safe, healthy poultry for our community while respecting our stewardship of the land and practicing sustainable and regenerative practices. We hope to increase awareness of how food is produced and distributed, while serving as an educational hub for the public and the small farm communities.

We strive to provide local farmers and backyard poultry raisers a humane and high quality product close to home, eliminating the need to transport livestock long distances, thus reducing stress on the animals and the environment.

* pastured as season allows

What We Grow


Chicken, Duck, Goose, Turkey

Our Customers

Holiday Product Details

Thanksgiving Turkeys
Processing turkeys from farms. Selling turkeys to wholesale clients.
Need your turkeys processed? Email us to reserve your processing date before our schedule fills up! ⁣



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