Sweet Babu's

821 East Main Street
Chicopee, MA 01020
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821 East Main Street Chicopee Massachusetts 01020
Contact: Chelsea Beaudry (Owner)


Sweet Babu’s is a small batch bakery in Chicopee, MA, curated by self-taught baker and founder, Chelsea Beaudry. Chelsea’s mission is to sprinkle a bit of goodness into the world, one bag of granola at a time. Sourcing locally and from small farms across the U.S., Sweet Babu’s crafts the freshest and most delicious granola, all while supporting the local community.

Inspired by Chelsea’s Polish American roots, Sweet Babu’s pays homage to the endearing nickname her Gramma gave her and her siblings – “little babushkas.” The name Sweet Babu, a playful nod to family traditions, will continue Gramma’s legacy for generations to come.

We Buy Local


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