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The Benson Place

182 Flagg Hill Road
Heath, MA 01340
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182 Flagg Hill Road Heath MA 01340
Pay With: SNAP/EBT
Growing Practices: Certified Organic
Contact: Meredith Wecker & Andrew Kurowski


Organic, wild, low-bush blueberries available beginning late July. Visit our website on or soon after July 3 to order your pre-picked fruit or to schedule a weekday PYO visit. Weekends are open for unscheduled PYO with a 9am-2pm arrival time. Visit year-round to walk our scenic Franklin Land Trust designated trail.

We also produce organic wild blueberry syrup, and we have pasture-raised chicken fed organic grain available for pickup around the Valley.

Pay with cash, check, common good, or SNAP/EBT.

Please visit our website for more details and directions. Google Maps is not correct

What We Grow







Farm Stand

  • The Benson Place
    182 Flagg Hill Road
    Heath, MA (map)
    (413) 337-5340
    Open daily 9-5, from late July until supply runs out. Pre-ordering is the best option for purchases of berries over a few quarts

Family Fun

You are welcome to come walk the land at any time. There is a trail easement held by the Franklin Land Trust and created by the previous owners of the farm, Dave Gott and Ted Watt, that allows anyone to come and walk the farm roads.  Please park at the barn or on the road and stay on the farm roads.  Leashed dogs are also welcome as long as they also stay out of the fields.  In the winter, feel free to come cross- country skiing or snowshoeing. For more information feel free to call us: 413-337-5340.

Our Customers

Pick Your Own

  • Blueberries
    From late July – Mid-August.
    Open weekdays: by appointment (make a reservation on our website or by calling).
    Open weekends: arrive between 9-2pm.
    Check our farm website to find out the exact schedule of PYO
    * Call ahead just to be sure.


Summer, Fall


Cross-Country Skiing





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