The Old Mill Inn

Experience Something New at the Old Mill Inn

87 School Street
Hatfield, MA 01038
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87 School Street Hatfield Massachusetts 01038
Cuisine: American, Bakery, Cafe, Vegetarian
Special Sourcing: Organic, Fair Trade
Chef: L.P.
Contact: Georg & Angela Burwick (Owners)


Angela grew up in a small agricultual community in Michigan, with dairy farming on both sides of the family. Georg’s grandparents farmed in Germany, where he spent his summers growing up. Our farming heritage means we deeply value and appreciate the hard work undertaken by our local famers in the Pioneer Valley. We are proud to contribute to sustainable farming in our own small way, by raising heritage breed pigs, chickens, dairy and meat goats on our own small farm in Deerfield. We have recently expanded to include grass-fed Icelandic lamb raised on our second farm along the Deerfield River.

We deeply value the hard work done by our farming neighbors, and make sure we buy locally whenever possible. Local produce features prominently in each breakfast at both our inns in Hatfield and Greenfield.

The Old Mill Inn Bed & Breakfast on the Mill River, in the farming community of Hatfield, blends historic charm and modern amenities. We use locally sourced & farm fresh ingredients in every breakfast, incorporating the flavor of the season and highlighting our local farmers’ produce. Vegan and gluten-free options offered.

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