Ducks, chicks and lambs a hit at Winterberry Farm

The Recorder, April 23, 2019, By MELINA BOURDEAU

COLRAIN – Spring has sprung and so have the animals at Winterberry Farm.

At the annual open farm on Easter Sunday, visitors saw rabbits, goats, sheep, as well as ducklings, chicks and lambs.

Jill Horton-Lyons and Jim Lyons opened their doors to the public free of charge to celebrate “the blessings of spring,” according to the couple.

Horton-Lyons said they’ve been hosting an open farm in Colrain for about five years. “This is just what we do on Easter,” Horton-Lyons said. “We want people to enjoy seeing the animals.”

The ducklings and chicks could be found inside of the couple’s home and the sheep, goats and other animals were outside.

Eliza Sagan brought her mother and son to the farm to start a family tradition. “I wanted him to see the lambs and other animals for the first time,” Sagan said. “He’s only 7 months old, so this is our first time coming to the farm, but we want to make it a tradition – especially for Easter.”

Down at the barn, Lyons waited to show people the lambs among their 25 sheep. There are nine lambs, and nine more expected to be born in the coming weeks, according to Lyons.

He said he likes to open up the farm to show people in the community the animals they raise because it’s something the couple has done for over 25 years.

“We used to run programs for children in Leverett to show them the sources of food, clothing and shelter,” Lyons said. “We’ve always done an open farm for Easter. It seems to be the right time of year to see baby animals.”

Lyons stood inside a stall with the sheep and answered questions from the crowd about the sheep.

“This year we’ve had a weird thing happen,” Lyons said. “We had one of our sheep had superfetation – which is when the sheep got pregnant twice. The first lamb died because it was premature. Then 12 days later, the sheep gave birth to two 13½ twins.”

Visitors ventured to the farm for a variety of reasons.

Holland Herzig Sr. and Christine Herzig brought their children Holland Herzig Jr., Natalie Lapa and Braden Herzig to the farm.

“We live right down the road, so they’re our neighbors,” Herzig Sr. said. “We try to come here and visit at least annually.”

Herzig Jr. said his favorite animals are the farm’s goats.

“I like the goats the most because they help make cheese and milk,” Herzig Jr. said. “I like the lambs, they’re fuzzy and cute.”

Lapa said she enjoyed the sheep and ducks the most.

“I like the sheep because they’re cute and fluffy, and they help make yarn,” Lapa said. “What I’m really looking forward to is seeing the ducks – they give us delicious eggs.”

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