2023 Local Hero Membership Agreement

Farmers & Farm Coops

  1. To comply with these conditions for use of CISA’s trademarked Local Hero logo and Be a Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown® slogan:
    • To use the logo and slogan to promote products grown in the western Massachusetts region.*
    • To use the logo and slogan without alteration, unless specific written permission is granted by CISA’s Executive Director.
    • To not use the Local Hero brand to promote products that don’t meet the eligibility requirements for the Local Hero campaign.
    • That if they will immediately discontinue use of the logo and slogan if they leave the Local Hero campaign.
  2. To complete CISA’s year-end Local Hero program survey, for evaluative purposes.
  3. To operate their business with the highest level of integrity and respect.

*Note: If you produce a value-added product where 50% of the volume of your ingredients comes from local farms, 50% of the ingredients weight comes from local farms, or 50% of the value of your ingredients comes from local farms you can use the Local Hero logo on your product; otherwise you cannot use the logo on the item.

  1. To provide members with coordinated and visible promotional support through the Local Hero campaign.
  2. To promote members in our online guide.
  3. To organize media and consumer events that focus on the ways in which western Massachusetts producers and the businesses that support them contribute to the local economy, quality of life, and scenic beauty of the region.
  4. To provide members with the services and benefits outlined on their respective enrollment pages.
  5. To offer and help members find technical assistance in areas like marketing, financial planning, and business decision making.
  6. To promote the long-term goals of profitability, stability, and sustainable stewardship for our members.
  7. That CISA may revoke or deny membership of any participant who no longer meets the eligibility requirements, and seek the return of Local Hero supplies from members who leave or who are not renewed in the Local Hero campaign.
  8. To actively promote and encourage the highest level of integrity among members.
  9. To verify information provided in the membership application.

By joining CISA’s Local Hero campaign, members agree they have read and understand the benefits and obligations of participation.

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