Farm Recipe Pages and Local Food Bloggers

For some people, reading about food is almost as fun as eating. Others are just looking for something to do with a glut of tomatoes. In either case, it’s fun to find recipes, inspiration, and instruction from people right here in our region who care about seasonal eating. Below are some CISA staff favorites.

Farms with great recipes:

Brookfield Farm is a South Amherst biodynamic CSA farm (it’s the second oldest CSA in the country!) and has a wide range of recipes from a variety of sources.

Copperhead Farm‘s “Goat Gourmet” blog documents their adventures introducing goat meat to New Englanders, as well as sharing plenty of delicious recipes featuring goat meat.

Leyden Glen Lamb’s food blog is full of seasonal ingredients and savory flavor. Their recipes have rich cultural inspiration, great photos, are easy to follow, and highlight the use of their delicious meat– which is happily and healthfully raised without hormones or antibiotics in the rolling hills of Leyden.

The Kitchen Garden is a Sunderland vegetable farm run by two great cooks, with vegetable-focused recipes ranging from super-simple to highly elaborate!

Mountain View Farm in Easthampton has organized their recipes to be easily searchable by ingredients– making meal planning easy and providing inspiration for whatever comes in your CSA share.

Red Fire Farm, is a diversified vegetable farm with locations Montague and Granby. It has recipes organized by vegetable, season, and courses– making comparing and contrasting recipes easy to do, with a wide variety of flavors!

Riverland Farm in Sunderland has great cooking and keeping tips for all the crops they grow for their CSA. Proud parents, they also have fun seasonal highlights, like this one for describing Strawaberries, “The season begins when I see the kids come from the field with strawberry juice in a halo around their mouths.”

Stockbridge Herb Farm in South Deerfield offers a blog on growing, planting, and plant-use advice that stretches beyond just recipes. They have those too!

Great Local Food Bloggers:

Art & Lemons— Nikki Gardner’s blog is filled with food, photos and stories. This hill-town resident has recipes you can wait to make!

Eating from the Ground Up— Alana Chernila is a Berkshire foodie with great step-by-step instructions for cooking & baking, with family and garden tales sprinkled throughout.

Fearless Eating— Nutritional Therapist Craig Fear’s Weston Price-guided recipes, guidance, and musings on real traditional foods will keep you amused, and feeling good about what you’re cooking.

Food, Farm, and Sustainability— Sue Dickman has great pictures and ready to use recipes that highlight Hampshire College Farm’s CSA share offerings.

Happy Valley Locavore— Meggin Thwing Eastman’s blog is a CISA go-to. Pure recipes and pictures, Meggin offers straight forward instruction with an incredible recipe archive.

In Our Grandmother’s Kitchen— Tinky Weisblat writes The Blue Plate Special, a regular food column for The Greenfield Recorder, and brings her fun and flavorful personality to her recipes and cooking tips!

The Organic Gourmet— Leslie Cerier is an International Chef, cookbook author, recipe developer, popular TV and radio guest and Amherst resident, who offers classes, trainings, and presentations to inspire local, seasonal, organic, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free cooking for health, vitality and pleasure.

Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA— This local business blog has recipes and economic activism woven through user friendly recipes. Popcorn nachos? Brilliant!

Mediterranean Living— A team of cooks and writers on a mission is to provide you with the best of the Mediterranean Diet from all over the world.