Farmer Bronze Payment Page

2015 Local Hero Grower Enrollment for Farmers, Nursery Growers and Farmer Co-ops

Restricted to businesses that grow, harvest, and market their own agricultural products as more than 50% of their economic activity.

Bronze Membership Fee — $145 
(This fee includes the $5.00 Online Discount)

Farm Products Guide Ad Purchase

Multiple Farm Listing: Want your business to be listed in multiple categories in the Farm Products Guide? As a farmer you can have your business listed in two categories, if you pay the higher fee of the two categories selected. Contact Devon Whitney-Deal for more information.

Multiple Farm Listing Fee — $50 

Additional Discounts available:

Advertising Reward: Did you use the Local Hero logo in a print ad or mention the slogan in a radio spot in 2014? Send us a copy of the ad or radio script and earn a $25 credit. Contact Devon if you have any questions related to this reward.

Recruiting Bonus: Recruit a new member and receive a $25 credit! The new member must enroll by 3/1/15 and must mention your referral on their form. Gives us a heads up if you referred someone.

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