For Sale: Local Pork and Lamb – DewGreen Farm

We have Berkshire and Gloucester Old Spot pork for sale, raised at DewGreen Farm.  This meat is from animals that were raised on native chem-free pasture, 2nd cut hay, apples from neighboring farms, our own chem-free corn patch plus non-GMO feed. Our grown pigs “hang” at about 180-190 lbs. Piglets hang at about 25-30 lbs each.

We are selling our pork by whole or half pig based on hanging weight, and by individual cuts. Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass — you know, the way it hangs on a hook in the cooler. But that doesn’t mean you have to wrestle with a whole frozen pig! Processing, cutting, cyrovac and delivery (<25 miles) are included.  If you would like the price advantage of bulk but don’ have the freezer space, we can keep it in our freezer and you pick up as you need.  Please email me for a price list, or check out our website.

We use Hilltown Pork in Canaan, NY for processing. They are USDA- approved and Animal Welfare Certified. Piggies are going to Hilltown early to mid-December. Give us a shout if you want some really good, healthy, locally-raised pork for your freezer.

We also have pastured, no-GMO broilers and Icelandic cross lamb.  Really, really delicious.

Good eatin’!

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