Foster’s Supermarket sale finalized

GREENFIELD — It’s taken nearly a decade, but Foster’s Supermarket — the building and surrounding property — is finally owned by the same two brothers who bought the business from their iconic grandfather, Frank “Bud” Foster.

The 70 Allen St. site of the family-owned supermarket operation, which turns 75 years old next year, was purchased Wednesday by store owners Jason and Matthew Deane’s Chapman Silver Allen LLC from the trust of their grandmother, June S. Foster, for $1 million.

The trustees from which the brothers bought it are Shawn R. Foster, their cousin, and F. Ransom Foster III, their uncle.

“This has been in the works, and in the works and in the works, as something we talked about even before we bought the business,” said Jason Deane, who in 2006 bought the supermarket with his brother, Matthew. Both had worked since they were kids in the store Foster had run for 55 years.

“It was something we couldn’t afford,” said Deane, who insisted, “Nothing’s really going to change.”

Much has changed since Foster first started his business at Northfield Mount Hermon School soon after graduating.

When the school took over the space and announced it was buying him out in 1952, he decided to go from mostly selling books and dry goods to strictly groceries … on Chapman Street, then two years later on Silver Street and in 1974 on Allen Street.

Foster, who became known for doing his own commercials hawking “Fish, fish, fresh fish!” is due to turn 95 next month, and is happy to see the property finally sold.

As for what this week’s paper transaction means, Deane said, “Hopefully, we’ll entertain more customers.”