Gill Farm Tour To Highlight Conservation Efforts

The Recorder, October 14, 2016, by Miranda Davis

Those interested in learning about local woodlands conservation, or anyone wanting an excuse to be outside today can attend a local farm walk at Bascom Hollow Farm.

The event, which runs from 9 a.m. to noon, will include a walking tour of the farm and the house, which was built using timber from the farm. The event is hosted by the farm and the Massachusetts Woodlands Institute.

Emily Boss, the director of the Massachusetts Woodlands Institute, said the walk is a way to showcase what can be done to create sustainable housing using local materials and resources.

“We’re very happy to showcase the thoughtful management and use of wood that Bascom Hollow families have done,” she said.

Boss noted that the project is an example of how proper forest management can be good for humans as well as the local wildlife and conservation efforts.
Local builders who worked on the home will be at the tour as well as representatives from the Massachusetts Woodlands Institute and state Senate President Stan Rosenberg, a Democrat from Amherst.

Brian Donahue, one of the co-owners of the farm, built the house in 2011 with his wife, Faith Rand.

The project took about two years, and Donahue said they used a lot of local sawmills, a forester, a local builder and architect to complete the house.

“If you’re in a position that you can build on a piece of property, there’s a lot right there that you can use, and a lot of people in the area that will give you a superb product,” he said.

The event is free and open to the public. Bascom Hollow Farm is located at 75 Bascom Road, Gill.