Greenfield compost farmer wins local OK to expand operation

MassLive, July 27, 2017, by Mary Serreze

A compost farmer in Greenfield has won local permission to expand his operation, but still needs an OK from the state.

Adam Martin appeared before the town’s Board of Health this week and heard words of praise for his “cutting edge” operation, reports the Greenfield Recorder.

Currently, Martin takes in around 15 tons a day of food waste and other organics. He would like to double his allowed amount. To do that, he needs a permit from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The health board voted to endorse his effort.

Part of his permit will entail demonstrating his commitment to odor control. Previously, neighbors had complained of smells emanating from his farm at 341 Plain Road. This year, Martin installed a new odor-control system, and has been trying different approaches.

Martin said recent weather changes have made odor control more challenging, adding that he’s preparing for weather extremes.

Chairman Dr. William Doyle praised Martin, saying the complaints have dwindled significantly. “You’ve done a wonderful job,” he said.

Martin’s Farm has been producing organic compost and mulch for 30 years. It offers leaf and yard waste disposal, brush disposal for a fee, manure hauling, roll-off dumpsters, and will accept residential food waste.