Greenfield Savings Bank

Founded more than 150 years ago, today Greenfield Savings Bank has 10 offices located throughout Franklin and Hampshire counties. As a local mutual bank, Greenfield Savings Bank has no stockholders.  Its allegiance is to its customers and the communities it serves.

“We are committed to offering exceptional service to our customers,” said Tara Brewster, Greenfield Savings Bank’s VP of Business Development. “This year, during the pandemic, we have focused all of our efforts on helping our customers and supporting the local non-profits that are working to help people.”

The Bank already had a pandemic plan in place when COVID hit, so was able to safely operate uninterrupted, including offering teller services at all GSB offices through a combination of drive up, walk-up windows, and Teller Connect ATMs that offer GSB teller service via a live video feed.

The Bank created a 42-member PPP Loan Task Force that worked evenings and weekends entering and processing customers’ PPP loans. More than 750 PPP loans were completed, representing more than $57 million to support local businesses.

“Local agriculture produces an array of produce, meats, and horticultural products, providing jobs and economic activity that are part of the backbone of our economy,” said Tara.  “The pandemic has been a teachable moment as to why having a robust local food industry is so important to all of us.  We are so fortunate to have CISA working to assist our local farmers and food producers with the support they need in order to thrive and to get their products into the homes of consumers.  We are proud to support CISA!”

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