Help CISA Recognize Our Local Farms

We’re making a video to recognize our local farms for all their hard work during the pandemic. You could be one of its stars!

Has a local farm made your life easier during the pandemic? Have you found joy or connection through local food during this hard time? Tell us about it!

We know that local farms and food businesses have stepped up for our community over the last few months, and we want to highlight the role that local farms are playing in peoples’ lives during this unique moment in history. We’re making a video to share some of these stories, and we want to hear yours!

Examples to get you thinking

• Did you feel a huge sense of relief when you found a local farm stand offering curbside pickup or a local food delivery service, so you could get food in a safe and comfortable way?
• Have you been cooking and eating with your family or housemates in new and adventurous ways? Or building new food traditions that you’ll carry with you?
• Or maybe a farmer did something or said something that made a difference in your life during quarantine!

What we’ll ask you to do

• Film a short (30 sec – 90 sec) video of yourself telling your story!
• You’ll be able to film yourself using your phone or computer.

Next steps

• If you think you might have a good story for this video, contact Noah Baustin. We’re happy to help you think through what you want to say on tape. We can also give you instructions for filming yourself.
• Or if you already have a great idea, you’re welcome to go ahead and film yourself and then follow the instructions below for submitting your clip to CISA.

Best practices for filming your video clip

  • Filming on either a computer camera or phone camera works fine.
  • Set your camera to record in HD or High Definition. (Not in SD).
  • Make sure the camera is at eye level.
  • Make sure that you are physically close to the camera / microphone so that it can clearly pick up your voice.
  • Record in a quiet space with no background noise. (Beware of fans, refrigerators, lawn mowers, and wind noise!)
  • Record in a well-lit area. If you’re indoors, set up a lamp in front of you so that light is shining onto your face. If you’re recording outside, avoid direct sunlight. A shady spot is best.
  • Try to keep your recording under 90 seconds.
  • Please include your name and contact information at end of the clip so we can get in touch with you. We will edit all contact information out of the final video.

To send CISA your video clip, upload it to our Dropbox folder here. You don’t need to sign up for Dropbox to upload your file, just click here and then upload your video file.

Questions? Contact Noah Baustin.

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