Hiring: Assistant Field Manager – McKinstry Market Garden, Inc.

McKinstry Market Garden is a commercial vegetable farm with fields in three locations: Chicopee, Hadley, and Granby, MA. We have a roadside stand at our Chicopee location, and we sell our produce through the stand as well as to wholesale buyers.

This is a full-time position during the growing season from April through October, with part-time work available in winter. We are looking for someone who has experience driving and maintaining tractors, knowledge in fruit and vegetable production, good leadership skills, and a valid driver license.

The Assistant Field Manager is responsible for overseeing a wide range of field tasks and setting the pace for the crew, both when working on tasks and transitioning between tasks. The Assistant Field Manager must also be able to clearly and effectively delegate tasks to the crew leader. Job tasks will include driving tractors and trucks to and from fields, doing a range of tractor work, preparing and harvesting produce, making sure all work is done safely, maintaining high standards for quality and efficiency during field tasks, ensuring that produce is brought to packing area and unloaded and washed in timely manner, and checking over equipment before use to make sure it is in good working condition.

Work hours in April, May, June, and October are typically 7am-4pm Monday-Saturday (with 1/2 hour unpaid lunch break). Work hours in July, August, and September are typically 6am-4pm Monday-Saturday (with 1/2 hour unpaid lunch break) and 6am-12pm on Sundays. Part-time work is available during the winter months.

To apply for this position, please email your resume to

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