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Join our team for 2024! Just Roots, in Greenfield, MA is hiring full-time, seasonal assistant growers for the upcoming season. Positions begin in April and end in early November. Just Roots is a non-profit organization and community farm that serves over 500 CSA members in Western Massachusetts and participates in the Greenfield Farmers Market (, check out all our programming). While this position is a full-time, farm labor position, we strive to incorporate aspects of community
engagement, education, and leadership development into the assistant grower role. Ideal candidates have at least one year of prior farm experience on a production farm, or, have experience in manual labor, food service or other fast-paced, team-based, work environments.

Compensation begins at $17/hour (with overtime), a full summer CSA share, paid time off, and employee retirement contributions.

To apply, please send a resume to and a short email describing who you are, why you want to work on a farm right now, and why Just Roots might be a good fit.

Work closely in a small team of farmers in the following areas:
Bulk of our work!
● Crop production: participate in all aspects of field production under the leadership of the farm
manager, including but not limited to: weed management, crop care, transplanting, and
greenhouse work.
● Harvest: participate in all harvest activities, paying close attention to quality, efficiency, and
● Post-harvest: ensure that all produce is washed and/or cooled with care and efficiency, paying
close attention to quality control. Maintain a clean and organized wash station and walk-in
● Distribution and community engagement: staff and manage our farmer’s market and/or CSA
distributions. Welcome customers, visitors, and volunteers to the farm with warmth and clear
● Land care and stewardship of the Just Roots property: care and support of the community
garden, forested areas, field edges and infrastructure. We pay close attention to creating an
organized farm—you must be respectful of using shared tools and space. This means keeping
clean common spaces, including all vehicles, and gathering spaces.
● Tractor work: We have a small fleet of tractors, and you will be working with and around tractors
consistently. Tractor work for assistant growers is limited, and any grower that will be on tractors
will be provided with comprehensive tractor training centered on safety.
● Communication: Actively participate in all meetings and feedback sessions: all staff, weekly farm
team meetings, one-on-ones with the farm manager, and team check-ins.

The Just Roots farm team is invested in creating a team culture of care and improvement that
participates in consistent and adaptive feedback and communication in times of joy and challenge. We
create and respect space that values, uplifts, and celebrates team members of all identities and
experiences. We value finding joy in farmwork, and invite ourselves to be in community as staff
members. The team values consistency alongside flexibility, and we are committed to the land, the work,
and the people within our community.

● Show up on time every day.
● Are engaged (and hopefully excited!) about working for a farm that finds success in routine and
● Have reliable transportation for commuting to farm and valid driver’s license to be able to drive
farm vehicles. (or, be working towards having a valid license if you do not currently have one).
● Communication
o Have the ability to follow written and verbal instructions and can be flexible when daily
tasks change.
o Have (or be willing to develop) direct and kind communication skills with managers and
team members, including willingness to give and receive feedback.
● Community:
o Have desire to participate in the Just Roots community while at work.
o Work well independently and harmoniously with team members.
o Find enjoyment and ease in working side by side with other people.
o Are willing to participate and communicate across departments and in conflict resolution
if needed.
● Physical needs:
o Can lift up to 40-50 pounds regularly.
o Have the ability to work in uncomfortable physical positions for short or long periods of
time – often for several consecutive days or weeks.
o Are self-motivated and able to work outside in ALL weather conditions including snow,
rain, heat and cold.
o Possess strong manual dexterity skills.

Assistant growers are required to work Tuesday-Saturday. At the height of the season  (June-Oct), we
work from 7:30am-4:30pm, with 1 hour paid lunch. In the early Spring and late fall, we shorten our days
as needed.

You will be required to work at least one of our CSA distributions and/or a farmer’s market shift each
week. This means that one of your days will be a longer shift as our CSA distributions extend later in the
evening than our regular work day and our farmer’s market shift starts earlier than our regular work day

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