Hiring: Cattle Auction Office Coordinator – Northampton Livestock Auction

Office responsibilities:
-Day begins between 9-9:30am on Tuesdays and is over when the auction is finished and the checks have been printed for mailing.
-Must have basic computer skills and cattle software.
-Order supplies (envelopes, tags, glue, etc.)
-Enter data from the cattle and the misc. consignments. Issue new number for the buyers and the sellers. Give out information about the sale to the new buyers. All information must be put into the auction rolodex and cattle and misc sales.
-Supply whomever does the shareholder program with any new information.
-Enter data from the auction block, find errors and balance the sale. Print misc checks and all paperwork pertaining to the sale.
-Cattle sale begins at 3pm.
-Enter data from the remaining consignment slips and begin to enter all of the data from the auction block.
-After calves, print out back tag reports and bill for a few buyers and email.
-When sale is over, again balance sale and print checks for consignors and truckers
-Print out all paperwork pertaining to the sale. Make folders and keep for the sale records.
-Enter market report information from the manager. Email this to the president and secretary. Make extra copies for the directors. Transfer information to a different file to be faxed to the newspapers, etc. Make copies for the consignors to be mailed with the checks.
-Set up next week’s sale.
-Deposit cash and checks in the night deposit box at the bank and mail checks.

Share holder responsibilites (hopefully office coordinator can handle this):
-Keep all information updated in rolordex, shareholder program, and quickbooks. Correspond with shareholders buying and selling.
-Balance account in QBs every month.
-Any money to add or pay shareholders should go through the manager before any bank transactions occur.
-Send out checks and 1099s if dividend is declared.

The contact person is Sarah Porroecchio, Her email is:
The pay range is $20- $25/hr.
We are looking for resumes with Three (3) references.
The deadline for applications is Friday, March 1 2024

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