Hiring: Farm Hand – Clove Brook Farm

Here at Clove Brook Farm, in Salisbury Mills, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship between ourselves, our animals, and our land. We are invested in farming fertility, and our end goal is to be a community resource and art center with food to share. We do not have production goals, and instead will operate more as a hobby farm and place to learn.

For now, we are early in our growth stages. We currently have a haying operation, a large personal garden, horses, donkeys, turkeys, and chickens. We are establishing management systems and infrastructure, and hope to establish a rotational grazing system and introduce sheep, goats, cattle, and perhaps other livestock in the future.

We are actively seeking a generalist farmhand to join our team. This person would wear several hats, including helping to care for our animals (a diversified and growing hobby operation that is currently home to two horses, two turkeys, two donkeys, and backyard chickens), completing maintenance work and small building/repair projects around the farm (such as building nesting boxes, fixing fences, painting, etc), and helping in the garden as needed.


  • 2+ Years of livestock experience
  • Ability to complete basic maintenance tasks as well as simple carpentry and building projects (such as hanging gates or building nesting boxes)
  • Willingness to learn as well as to share knowledge

Role details:

  • 40hrs/week, no overtime
  • Hours beginning at 7:00am
  • Paid every 2 weeks via direct deposit
  • Option for health insurance

    For more information or to apply, contact Madeline White.

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