Hiring: Farm Intern – Green River Farms

Farm Intern – Green River Farms

This is an educational opportunity well suited for a student studying agriculture or just intensely interested in learning more about our food system.

Time period

The time period is flexible – roughly June-August.
We want at least a 10 week commitment.
Hours will vary but will average a 40 hour week

Work on the farm varies with the weather and seasonal shifts

Description of the farm

Green River Farms is situated on 250 acres of rolling hills, nestled between the Berkshire and Taconic mountains in Williamstown, MA. Here at Green River, we are committed to leaving the land better than we found it through regenerative and ecological farming practices.

As we restore our sixteen acre apple orchard, our focus is on using integrated practices that will preserve and enhance the orchard ecosystem. In addition, our vertical hydroponics greenhouse produces a variety of unique, heirloom vegetables for use in the

Store at Five Corner’s cafe and for sale at the Williamstown Farmers Market. Our historic farm is preserved for agricultural use, and will forever remain farmland. We are continuing to grow and expand operations, so we will have more exciting projects developing soon.

Learning objectives and internship activities

Working on Green River Farms will provide the opportunity to learn by doing and to develop an in depth understanding of what goes into producing food.  Tasks will vary day to day but could include planting, seeding, harvesting, scouting and monitoring

All interns will have the chance and be expected to try out all areas of farm production.  We do welcome, however, each intern applying for or settling into an area of expertise where they will have the chance to take ownership of a project.  As we are restoring the farm, there is ample room for creativity and trying out new ideas. Potential areas of expertise are: Pest Management,  Greenhouse Operations, Cider Production, Social Media, Soil Ecology

Within their area of expertise, each intern will  draft a plan for the season, implement the plan, and develop an report outlining the outcomes and recommendations for improvement.  Our farm managers are graduates from Cornell’s Agricultural Science Program, and will guide each intern to create effective, scientific plans and understand the deeper scientific principles behind our agricultural practices.

To enhance the educational outcomes of this program, the interns will participate in the following activities: Weekly guided learning programs which will be in the form of a demonstration or lesson followed by discussion, problem solving, reflection or writing exercise.  At least four visits to local farms throughout the season

What we are looking for

Determined, independent thinkers who will not shy away from hard work and who are passionate about sustainable food and farming.


$350 per week

Free produce and lunch

How to Apply

Please send your resume, a short letter describing why you want this internship, what you hope to gain, and why you are suited for the position, and three references to

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