Hiring: Farm Work Team Leader – Gould Farm

Gould Farm Farm Work Team Leader

 Join a dynamic team dedicated to healing, recovery and reimagining mental health treatment. Working as part of a multidisciplinary team, under the leadership of the Farm Manager, this position is responsible to participate in the creation and maintenance of a safe, well-ordered, regenerative farm and agriculture environment; to facilitate and ensure effective work program participation and inclusion of guests on the farm team; to offer ongoing orientation and training on those projects which improve the farm environment.  This position is responsible to lend expertise and leadership to the guest program routines and work in conjunction with farm staff and volunteers to become a participant in the regenerative cycles that sustain our livestock, land, and community. Must be willing to promote the values and spirit of Gould Farm, to actively participate as a member of the community and to continuously seek ways to improve, both self and function.

Primary Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Work Program

  • Offer supervision, support, coaching and mentoring to volunteers assigned to the farm, including goal setting, reviews and evaluations.
  • Teach, coach, mentor and support guests by offering appropriate, meaningful and challenging work assignments and recognizing accomplishments.
  • Ensure compliance with all safety requirements in the management of the farm environment and the handling of farm animals and equipment. Ensure adequate orientation and training in safe operating procedures for all new guests and staff who join the farm team.
  • Participate as a member of committees or teams as part of ongoing work program, clinical and programmatic collaboration and support of guests.


  • Perform all necessary tasks associated with a dairy operation, including: milking, barn cleaning and maintenance, animal care, veterinary treatment, breeding, calving, and relevant livestock record keeping.
  • Responsible for properly handling milk in compliance with Gould Farm procedures as well as state and federal regulations. This includes: record keeping, equipment maintenance, milk testing, and demonstrated proficiency in hygiene and sanitation.
  • Participate in processing milk which includes: Bottling, manufacturing and packaging cheese, yogurt, and other products used in the community.
  • Daily chores associated with pasture systems including, feeding, watering, moving animals, putting up and taking down fencing.
  • Operate machinery and equipment, which aids in the feeding and moving of livestock.
  • Participate in the beef operation, including: Animal care and movement, driving animals to the butcher, work in conjunction with the kitchen team to maintain meat inventory.
  • The five day work week includes a weekend day. Responsibilities include milking and chores.


  • Participate in communications with other teams and community members to coordinate operations.
  • Participate in communications with outside vendors or agencies
  • Attend and participate in weekly farm meetings to direct and maintain team objectives.
  • Regular meetings with the Manager for ongoing supervision to support professional growth and competency.
  • Attend and participate in regularly scheduled staff and community meetings.
  • Participate in ongoing training to meet performance expectations.
  • Participate as a member of the community in social and recreational activities and events.
  • On-call duties after 6 months of service.

Qualifications:  This position requires residency at the Farm as a condition of employment (living at Gould Farm in provided housing). Should suitable housing not be available at the time of hire, agreement to moving to the Farm as soon as suitable housing is available is a contingency of employment.  Minimum of 1-2 years agricultural and animal husbandry knowledge and experience is preferred; experience in leading and managing the work of others.  Excellent communications are a must.  Ability to promote our community, to prioritize and to effectively influence others are essential skills. We are open to training the candidate who demonstrates willingness and capacity to learn these skills.

Commitment to Diversity: Gould Farm is an equal opportunity employer; the organization offers employment, advancement opportunities and benefits without regard to race, color, gender, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, pregnancy, religion, marital status, parental status, physical or mental ability, mental health, age, veteran status, ancestry, national or ethnic origin, genetics, political beliefs, and any other basis prohibited by applicable state, federal, or local laws. Candidates who can contribute to Gould Farm’s commitment to diversity are encouraged to apply.

Compensation: Starts at $17 per hour, with a great benefits package including medical/dental insurance (employer pays 85% of premiums and up to 100% of deductible), life insurance, generous Paid Time Off (PTO includes 5 weeks of vacation and holidays the first two years and 6 weeks thereafter), generous sick time accrual, 401K, low cost on campus housing including utilities, generous food benefit including prepared meals 3X a day and access to basic pantry items and Farm made products.

Interested candidates should submit a Resume and Cover Letter to Human Resources at

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