Hiring: Field Production Crew – Bardwell Farm

Job Title: Field Production Crew | Full & Part Time Positions Available

Job Description: Bardwell Farm is seeking highly motivated people that are interested in agriculture, enjoy working outdoors, that are not afraid of hard work, and adverse weather conditions. Individuals will report to the owner, manager, and/or supervisor, and will work as a team, and/or by themselves on a variety of different tasks throughout the work
week. Tasks will include, and are limited to planting, weeding, harvesting, and/or field production work ONLY. Individuals must be willing to learn, collaborate, and grow with our small but busy farm.

Click here to apply. Please attach a resume if you have one.

Work Agreement
• Full-time, 5-6 days a week (subject to change)
• 7:00am-6:00pm, half hour unpaid lunch
• Salary $10.00+ per hour (based on experience)
• June-November
• Evaluation if found necessary by employer
• Half hour unpaid lunch
• Food and gathering Friday evenings for all employees provided by Bardwell Farm

• Being punctual and working scheduled hours
• Having a positive work approach
• Ability to work at an efficient and steady pace
• Ability to lift 50lbs
• Valid driver’s license preferred
• Reporting issues of harassment, bullying or injury

COVID-19 Requirements
• Ability to wear mask and gloves while working with others and produce
• Ability to enforce the need to wear mask and gloves
• Sanitization of hands, produce surfaces, and common touched surfaces daily
• Informing superior of any illness, sickness, and/or symptoms

• Harvest of crops
• Field preparation, planting and harvesting
• Weed/cultivation control
• Scouting for pests, disease, or other problems in the fields
• Responsible for the return of all tools and equipment after use
• Maintain cleanliness and organization meeting FSMA standards

Additional Tasks
• Capturing images for social media and marketing
• Share ideas and collaborate
• Strive to meet all FSMA Standards

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